Zones - need DAC I don't have to assemble that works with Ethernet for less than $3000

£750 for the 218. Not sure what the US price will be.

A lot of my customs have been using a Sonicorbiter SE paired with KEF X300A speakers. The KEF X300A has a DAC and amp built in. So you only need these two products to make a Roon Ready zone.

Just wanted to close the loop here - I ended up buying the PiDAC-PRO from IQaudIO and it works great as an Ethernet connected device (both wireless and wired). Hats off to Gordon for providing great customer support. I intend to try out the SonicOrbiter also, but have not had a chance to do that yet. Thanks for everyone’s input!

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Awesome choice!
Just curious… Why didn’t you go with something like Sonos or BlueSound?

And Dietpi?

Sonos is expensive and my understanding is that it does not support bit perfect transport over Ethernet like RAAT does.

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Has Sonos started playing hirez music yet? They were always limited in what they could play.

A Raspberry Pi, running DietPi software will cost you $40, case incuded, also Ehternet, WiFI and Bluetooth. DietPi software will automatically set up a Roon bridge. After that is running, connect your DAC via USB. Don’t be afraid, couldn’t be simpler. No programming needed.

For many people, solutions like microrendu or fancy streamers are unnecessary.

No, As of today they can only play up to 16bit/44.1KHz.
BUT BlueSound is roon ready and it uses RAAT and does not down convert.

I own 3 Sonos speakers and I am quite happy :smiley: