Zones not working since last update

Made no changes to my system aside from the Roon update and have lost access to most of my zones …

The three listed in my screenshot are Sonos, but other sonos zones are missing. I can’t see my KEF LSX or Mytek DAC or the Mac I’m on at the moment running Roon. All are active … Last update arrived today and still having issues.

Same for me also. Zones come and go now with the latest core update.

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Are you on build 880 or 882
I did see this on build 880 but not yet seen it on build 882.

It was very strange as my Sonos zones were still there and all my RAAT zones disappeared, and this has never happened before.

Currently running 1.8 (882) stable (64bit)
Everything else appears to be 882 as well.

And of course you have rebooted EVERYTHING in your system path?
This has helped a number of users after this update for sure.

Yes. No change.

Problem is now worse. Lost more zones … Roon is unusable!

re-installed Roon server (win64) and my zones were back … accepted the updated and was back to sonos only. Seems this is a very real bug.

should add not all zones are back but my USB connected DAC is visible and my primary setting. I can see a Bluesound device as well as Sonos, but not my Mac which is connected on the network.

gave things another go … Currently Playing on my KEF LSX, via Roon, but the player appears to believe nothing is actually happening. I have volume control only.

Screen Shot 2021-12-26 at 2.21.37 PM

on a whim I installed Roon Server on my M1 Mac Mini. Since my library was USB mounted I also moved to USB on my router so it’s a direct network share and the re-index is on … but all my zones are back and seem stable so perhaps the last update issues were Win10 specific. That’s all I’ve got on this for now …

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still having some very real issues on the Mac as well as the PC. No sign of a change … not really sure what happened, but this isn’t a great way to reflect on my recent renewal. Would love Roon to be back, stable and working.

I need some real support here. I can’t figure out how to get Roon to work. Did yet another install today on my Mac. All my music is on a fresh drive. Roon worked briefly before losing the zones including the local system which makes absolutely no sense. On load, Roon barely works and I had to force quit …

In addition to the main interface not really loading, I’m also missing my Mytek DAC and Mac which are connected to or actually the local machine!

Hopefully @support will be able to look at this soon.

Hey @Jonathan_Greene,

I am so sorry we’ve been taking this long to get back to you. Our team has taken a look at this and we believe the Realtek driver may be causing this. Could you please uninstall it and reboot your Windows machine after? The default driver should be reinstalled.

Thanks a lot :pray:

doesn’t work on my mac either which is my current machine. No realtek issue there.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 8.56.52 AM

plays for a bit then loses the active zone which is the mac itself. happens all the time. unusable.

I have 3 machines here that have all run Roon Server. I’m back to the original which is a Windows 10 Dell XPS tower. For the moment it’s working again … I have made no changes anywhere on my network. I did relocate the USB hard drive which had also been on the other PC, but it’s the original storage device back to the XPS as well. Need to sync some newer files from my Mac drive back over to this, but for whatever reason things are playing and generally responsive again.

I’d really like to understand what the issues could possibly have been since it failed on two machines. I’ve been a subscriber for years now and this was the first real set of challenges I’ve seen. Super frustratng, but also thankfully pretty unusual and uncommon.

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Hey @Jonathan_Greene,

Thanks for sharing every step you’ve been taking since we last talked. Thank you for the real effort you’ve put in, particularly in light of the frustration such issues bring. We’re grateful.

With just the information we have so far, it’s really hard to specifically diagnose the issue and say with certainty what caused it. We’d be happy to check things more closely, including logs, should the issue come up again.

Please, do let us know if that is the (unhappy) case :pray:

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