Zones output problem

I have intel nuc i5 8gen pc running win10 and i install on it the roon core.
I have 2 amp2 : 1.yamaha rxa3050 that connected to the intel nuc via hdmi cable this is the default output of my pc its called in roon outputzone and another out put is my hrt music streamer that connected to my intel nuc via usb cable, in roon its called living room output.
Sometimes i open roon and and i see the two output living room and outputzone refer to the same output like its plays toghter on the same device. Its very weird .
But sometimes its play right on diffrenet area like it need to be . I dont understand this beavior what this problem?
And another thing i have on my android phone roon and my wifi is open and my router ok and alot of times roon app fail connection even if my wifi signal is strong and ok
Roon feel to me not steady and maybe need to work on it to set this ok.
Pls help me with this issue

Hi @Guy_Zilbershtein,

Can you pelase post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to community. Are the two zones by any chance grouped in Roon?


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