Zu Audio's Soul Supremes anyone?

found a very tempting deal on a pair of these and seriously considering it
will use a First Watt J2 (an ideal match, according to Stereophile’s reviews :roll_eyes: ) but can’t have a listen before purchase :grimacing:

so if anyone has them… please help me decide :wink:

thanks :slight_smile:

Your post piqued my interest, so I Googled and wondered if you noticed their 60 day money back guarantee?


I’m in Italy, Martin, and (apart price being almost twice the US one :rage: ) local dealer (1200Km from where I live) doesn’t do the same

so I searched and found a good deal… elsewhere in EU :wink:

Finding the right components can be frustrating, but I would always seek an audition first.

However, you do have 14 days to cancel and return purchases made outside shops, that is online, by phone or mail order in the EU. Also, (certainly in the UK) if you pay for standard delivery when you purchase, the seller has to refund this if you return it. If you chose a more expensive delivery option, you’ll have to pay the difference.

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