1.6 New Search function

Interesting. To me it seems the algorithm isn’t too well tuned yet and the results are mediocre and / or incomplete. Therefore my conclusion Search isn’t very trustworthy. Another example for this - a search for the term “liszt” (a bach top result, as I’ve learnt :sunglasses:):

The Top Result is an artist this time. Again, I would have expected the composer, having Howard Shelleys complete Liszt piano recordings from Hyperion in my local library.

A note here: if the Top Result already has the only Artist Result listed, the Artist Result row is redundant and could get suppressed.

Things get - well, limited - when I look into composition results:

What’s missing is an indication on how many results I got but scrolling down I’m convinced something’s missing here. Cmd + a helps a little:

So 50 results were returned. That’s just some arbitrary selection out of what’s in the library:

I’ve checked this with bach now, too - obviously 50 results are the hard limit here. Now I would want to know the reasoning behind it. If such a limit gets imposed shouldn’t there be a direct way to bring me to “more” too?

Another, this time positive mention: that’s what I got with the search term “list”:

Good one. :slight_smile: