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Roon Software

This category is for discussing the Roon software, talking about your setup, asking questions, and pretty much anything else that's not support related.

Live Radio

This is a category to discuss the Live Radio feature introduced in Roon 1.7. Feel free to ask questions, request stations, or report issues with a specific stream.


Having a problem? Got a question about using Roon? We're here to help!

Audio Products

This is a place to discuss using Roon with all sorts of audio products.. DACs, Bridges, Renderers, Speakers, Cores, Roon Ready devices, etc...


This category is for all the DIYers out there! Discuss your latest hardware and software projects, how you're customizing Roon in your home, possibilities for the upcoming Roon API, or anything else related to Tinkering!

Home Automation (Nucleus Only)

High-performance audio products and home automation have always been difficult to integrate, or at worst, totally incompatible. With Nucleus and Nucleus+ music servers, Roon solves that problem. Using our Control4 and Crestron drivers, you can now choose premium products from over 60 of the most respected brands in audio and they'll work as part of a robust whole-home audio solution.

Sales and Trades

Sales and Trades is not a discussion forum, so only interested buyers or sellers should post in this section.

Roon Labs LLC

Discuss the company Roon Labs LLC here. This is for questions and commentary on the company itself or its formation.


Discuss the music you love or what you've been listening to lately!