1.8 a wasted opportunity

New to Roon. Curious, is there anything this community doesn’t argue about? :rofl:
Carry on and


welcome to the forum @InVinoVeritasty

The forum is a bit on fire right now due to the release of version 1.8. Some of the users are having issues and the forum traffic is definitely higher than normal.

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Decisively we could find out about it only when the financial year is summarized. And certainly not from the phantasmagoria of a few forum users…

@Mark_Laufer1 Can you offer an explanation of where the Roon CEO and COO is missing the boat? I’m curious, since Roon management has always been engaged and responsive to providing a great product for the end user. Hope you can be specific in where Roon falls short. Are there some bugs that need to be fixed. Sure there are, but they’ll get fixed in time.

Yep. Every thread is a 2021 version of “I Want My MTV!” but without the sweet guitar riffs.
I have noticed that my Captain and Tennille collection sounds a little dry on 1.8, but I guess that belongs on a different thread.


Danny their COO just confirmed that today:

Also answered that approximately 70% of these users have 1.8 running on their cores:

1.8 is a Massive Failure! - #1112 by danny

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Tens of thousands of butchers aren’t. Supermarkets killed their businesses.

If we all agreed, there’d be nothing to talk about!

And virtually unlistenable to any real audiophile, due to the extremely low bitrate that SiriusXM uses. Even in a car it’s painful to listen to if you have a half decent car stereo. I do like their programming however. I used it in my car for many years and enjoyed several channels. But after retiring I don’t drive enough anymore to make the subscription cost worthwhile.


Incorrect, consumers killed their businesses.


Because they didn’t see it coming and we’re too slow to adapt.

I must say, I’m growing extremely weary of the many recent discussions in these forums where posters seem believe they’re speaking for all of us. If you have a contrary opinion, the retort is often “most users would agree that”…in support of the poster’s argument, of course.
I’ll revisit these discussions in a few weeks, once these posters realize they speak for themselves, not for me. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy 1.8 and the music.


It’s growing to 250,000 now, and the software company I work for had approx this number 5 years in, with similar licensing fees. We have been in the business for close to 20 years, approaching a million users now and doing very well, thank you very much. If you fulfill a specialist need, it doesn’t have to be for the masses


I use it mostly for talk radio, but it performs better than over the air AM/FM. At least you can get reception in remote locations.

Audiophile quality was never a thought.

This is absurd!

The Radio Paradise guy is OBVIOUSLY the best, hehe.

giphy - 2021-02-18T171131.847

You may belive that number - or not.

Who defines what „good“ feedback is? you? The op may voice his opinion. To which you may agree or not. But you should not lecture him.

But the very best ones - the artisans of butchery, if you like - are still going strong. I suspect that most of believe that Roon is in a similar position - producing the audiophile equivalent of an artisanal pork chop :slight_smile:


I don’t really have a dog in this fight. At this time, I don’t have a reason not to believe it. Just passing along the information.

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Or maybe just those with the sharpest knives! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek!

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