4564 Unidentified Albums - Advice, Tips, Best Practices?

Matching is done in MusicBrainz not AllMusic as far as I can establish. AllMusic is purely for the advanced metadata it doesn’t id the music. @joel can obviously let us know if this is the case or not.

No I think it uses its own a combined database based on MusicBrainz and AllMusic. It certainly doesn’t only use MusicBrainz, the database is too small.

And TiVo.

Hello folks,
Here‘s a picture of my missing albums:

As you can see there are more than 28.000 albums unidentified, nevertheless performance in Roon, especially after the last update is very good.
You may ask why Roon is not able to identify the seen Bon Jovi albums: I had a look at some of them in the Roon identification process: the ones not identified are all albums with some special bonus tracks not yet found in the Roon database.
My recipe for a good handling in Roon is a proper sorting and tagging. So, most problems when albums are not identified by Roon can be overgone.
For tagging, I use Yate. With SongKong, I didn‘t yet find a proper setting for the different requirements of different kind of albums.

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Did you click through the versions for those albums you can choose in edit when you manual identify? Most times that comes up it’s there but the album has several releases and you often have to choose the correct one.

Yes, for some of them I did but found no hit.

I have a lot of CD singles, both commercial releases and promo versions. Roon doesn’t like many of these and they are unidentified by Roon. Funny, to me anyway, is that I can force Roon to match some but they are cassette singles. Not the actual CD single. It’s amusing and annoying and I hope it gets better.

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If it’s just missing a track of to you can still force a match to one of the albums it shows. I’ve done this for a few where it insists it should have a different track order, as often sequencing can be different in different countries and it will rely on the version entered into MusicBrainz or allmusic. Yours seems and unusually high number what kind of music is this there missing?

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Hi, what are you missing?

Roon is not identifying such albums automatically if it does not know a version with identical track listing and track durations. Nevertheless you can push roon to identify the album as a different version (like standard CD without bonus tracks) to take advantage of the identification. Bonus tracks would simply appear as a supplement in the list with full metadata.


There are maybe two primary functions to music tagger functionality, fixing the metadata & updating the folder/filename to match the metadata. Now as long as your music is already organized one folder = one album (with subfolders for multi disc albums) Roon doesn’t really care what your filenames are called. So I would recommend running SongKong against your music because this will identify many albums not currently identified by Roon and this will help Roon identify more albums and improve the Roon experience. Just running Fix Songs will not modify any filenames, and you can also use Only Modify If Empty option to specify any metadata fields that you don’t want SongKong to modify if already have a value.

Where is the option to modify all inclusive filenames?

I was using fix songs, and thought it will fix all

It is separate task Rename Files because if fixing many albums, better to review results before renaming, also gives more flexibility if you just want to rename.

If only matching one album using Match to One Album you can fix metadata and rename in one go.

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I agree that Yate can be a minefield, but would like to point out that the developer is very helpful and responsive. If you can’t figure out how to do something, he can, or the people on the bulletin board for Yate can. It’s a very powerful application which has saved me and others an enormous amount of time.


Hello, Andrew, thank you for your comment on my negative post many years ago. In fact, I haven’t found a tool yet that would really help me streamline my 10,000 albums. To be honest, Yate has a few techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. My problem was and is that Yate is not a straightforward paraer, but a tool in which almost every function implements a completely different approach. And that drives me completely crazy. I’d probably get on the developer’s nerves so much that he’d kick either me or Yate out. :sweat_smile:

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Have you taken a look at SongKong, all tasks work in the same consistent way and it is designed so it can work with music libraries of any size (One customer has processed 4 million songs with it)


Thanks, Paul, and sorry for the long delay. I had to travel a lot for my provider, but I’ll have some time to take a closer look at it in the next few days. I’ll get in touch in time.

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