6 core Xeon for DSP?

So I’m looking to buy a box to run the core on Linux. I’ve been a Unix software systems engineer since before there was a Linux. Since I live in Silicon Valley, it’s pretty easy to get used server/eng workstation grade boxes with Xeon chips. I saw a Dell 3500 this weekend with 240g ssd 24g ram & 6 core Xeon W3670 for well under $300.

I know this thing will eat up AC, but it’s pretty cheap for 6 cores. These boxes usually have faster memory and more CPU cache as well. My endpoints will not be colocated with the core server.

II’m mostly Tidal plus live recordings in the small/low medium range. I’ve been considering moving from a custom Raspberry player to Roon for a while, but I need to be able to have 4 active zones. The recent support for Chromecast has finally moved me to switch.

I’ve been impressed with the system since downloading on my laptop this week.

I’d like to run the convolver on all four zones. Does the DSP architecture scale well across more cores?


Xeons are not good for Roon. Cores don’t matter as much as clock speed. Too bad.

That’s a dual chip motherboard. I never use it anymore.

And Brian’s reply -

Now, I use an i5 NUC running WIN10. No problems.