A memory leak in RoonAppliance?

Interesting with this memory leak situation… I built a Roon Bridge using Ubuntu server and this thing ate memory like a beast. My Bridge device didn’t have a lot of memory to begin with so it was an issue. It would run of memory out and then just stop responding.
However, I rebuilt this Bridge with a Debian Minimal Release (no GUI etc) and guess what - no more memory leak. Not only is it using less memory overall to begin with - it doesn’t keep eating memory either.
So is this an OS consideration? In this case both a “Linux” release but one seems to behave and the other does not.

I run 3 different Ubuntu Server Roon cores on 3 different locations. Except for one short memory burst on one of the servers that disappeared after an Ubuntu update, I never had this issue. My suspicion is that some library behaves differently in different contexts, likely allocating and never releasing buffers for something or other. Some folks have suggested that it has to do with IPv6: when they turned it off, memory growth went away. I don’t rely on IPv6 for the most part.

I currently use a minimal Debian installation and was still getting the memory usage issues. I set the “vm.swappiness = 0” setting in /etc/sysctl.conf and things immediately improved, that was about 4 months ago now and symptoms have not returned once.

I’ve disabled the IPv6 and Roon Server is still snacking on the RAM.

I have barely used Roon in the past 24 hours and it’s just sitting there with its new 6GB limit. It’s crept up to 5.2GB already. Because I’ve only played about 5 tracks today I can’t comment much on reliability but it’s not randomly quit today. I have added quite a few new FLAC albums to the library so it’s done a little work cataloguing things.

TO BE CLEAR - NO PROBLEMS AT THIS POINT. I’m just giving an update in case my experience helps others.

Another update, Roon still running OK on my Ubuntu server and memory usage has dropped overnight to 4.9GB and I’ve played music via Arc on my iPhone all day. So, that’s a first for me.

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I’ve had to do a hard reboot of my MacMini. After 3 days it wouldn’t react to keyboard and mouse and the HDMI connected screen stayed off.

After a fresh boot Roon uses 1.3 gb of RAM according to BTOP. but after a day it’s sitting close to 6 gb. My Mini only has 8 gb of RAM and that should normally be more than enough with a library of 32.5k tracks.

Linux Mint 21.2. Fully updated.

I’ve moved my Mini so it has access to Ethernet instead of Wifi. IPv6 disabled. And the RAM usage of Roon has been sitting around 1.6 / 1.7 gb for over a week now. Roon doesn’t seem to eat the available RAM anymore.

My Core has been going rock solid, quick and responsive all week.

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3 weeks have passed since I set the memory limit as described above. I’ve had maybe 2 random instances of music stopping on its own. That’s epic compared to the multiple failures every few hours prior to the memory limit. I didn’t change anything else at all in my config.

I’m connecting to roon on a mac using roon rock and have gotten a few messages from my mac that my operating system is running out of memory and presents me with all the apps running and it is roon that is taking gigs of memory. This has happened several times, maybe once a week.


I am experiencing the same issue with RoonAppliance going from 1.5 GB to 6 or 7 in Windows environment. At this point I get delays between tracks or even accessing additional info in ipad. So far, nobody from Roon has been able to help. Very frustrating.

I had problems of drop outs etc over many years thinking that it was my network configuration . To cut a very long story short (I have posted elsewhere on this site about my various travails dealing with this), I identified RAM as the issue. You need a minimum of 16 Gb of RAM (whatever Roon might say about minimum specs) on a Windows machine. (It appears from your post you only have 8 Gb). For me, it was relatively cheap to get RAM upgraded - which I got a computer shop to do, as I am not particularly technical.

Even 16 Gb of RAM does not provide an absolute guarantee that the problem will not occur again. I check my Roon Server computer RAM usage every few days and if it looks like it is starting to climb, I restart the machine. Thus this morning, my Roon Server was running around 65% (which is not critical), when it usually hovers below 50%. However, I had a few spare moments so restarted and now RAM is back below 50%.

I have to say that I am noticing fewer occasions where RAM usage is creeping up. I suspect that some of the recent software updates may have something to do with this.

Rebooting has often been suggested (by me).

I live in an area that suffers vicious thunder storms , so at any hint of a storms its plugs out . Roon obviously gets restarted on power back.

Add to that until just recently we were experienced “utility inflicted” power cuts

So my system is normally restarted daily , I never experience any of these problems

Just sayin’

Thanks for your response. We are definitely having the same issue with memory leak. I’ve been dealing with Roon for almost a year regarding this. I had 8 GB of RAM in the past but once Roon started to climb, the PC would become unusable, so I also upgraded to 16 gb some time ago. This made a noticeable improvement but didn’t solve the problem, I need to restart every 4 or 5 days.

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Pc windows 11 with 32 Gbytes. Same issue. After few days, 7gbytes are used by RoonServer and it is growing.

If i stop the Roon server and restart it, memory used starts to 1.8 Gbytes and after a few minutes it’s 2.7 Gbytes to decrease after a moment to 2Gbytes. A few days after : 7Gbytes used and increasing.

Is there a way to limit memory usage as on linux system ?

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Adding another report here. Windows 11. Roon server’s memory usage will grow until it starts behaving badly (UI of the clients lagging, eventually audio dropouts).

A restart fixes it, but a few days later it will need to be restarted again.

I do not think that there is any solution that is imminent to solve this problem apart from restarting the computer from time to time…

Am I the only one here that finding people suggesting “oh just restart the server daily” instead of pushing for devs to find and fix the bugs is absolutely ridiculous, especially for a paid service costing $15 per month!?


Just to be clear, I only need to restart the Roon server application, not the entire computer. But this is still obviously an issue that needs to be addressed.

Anyone try disabling IPv6 on the server ? I don’t seem to see that mentioned in this thread. That seemed to help my case when I was running on a Linux box. I don’t know what the root cause is though. I eventually moved to a ROCK based server, it’s been smooth as budda.