A Simple Question about SACDs

Then I am don’t know what you are talking in regards to it being easier to get DSF tracks. Because, no matter what, you need to get them or an ISO from the SACD. You can do one without the other…so it is just as easy to get an ISO as it is to get DSF tracks from a SACD.

It is a matter of procedure and convenience if you are ripping many SACDs if you can run the two tasks independently. That frees up the dedicated drive to just rip to ISO while general-purpose devices handle the extraction of the DSFs.

In that case it is actually harder to get the DSF files…

I took Kal to mean it is far more difficult to get the ISO off the disc than it is to manipulate it once it is off using the plethora of software options available. It is also more difficult to get it off the disc relative to the ease of getting PCM off a disc.

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Nonsense. It is the same process but can be accomplished faster in parallel.

If you don’t need the ISO, which I don’t, it’s a heck of a lot slower to rip the ISO and then use another process to extract the DSF tracks. When I rip a SACD, I tell the software that I want the stereo layer DSF files and that is all that it does. It does not have to rip the whole ISO first.

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Fine for you.

You can also think of ripping as a backup process. If you only rip stereo, it won’t be complete. Then, if you want to get the multichannel layer later for some reason, you have to rip again.

I have the original SACDs most of which have never been played and ripped the one time. I suppose if I were pirating the SACD I would rip the ISO. But I would never do that. I only care about the 2 channel stuff anyway and have multiple backups of my music library. So, I probably will never need to rip the SACDs again.

Other people will have different needs and priorities…

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I don’t understand this. Ripping in part or whole is still ripping. And how would you pirate a SACD?


Yes Sony released them, I have Miles Davies (blue)and a few others, single SACD layer as you say.

Dsd64 is same as a physical SACD disc

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