A suggestion to make roon software more perfect

I’m a crazy music fan, I have about 20 TB of music resources, about 100,000 albums, and I bought the ROON lifetime edition a few months ago. I have to say that roon is a powerful software, But I still have a problem in use.Because my resources are too much, roon classification and retrieval are not very good.I want to listen to an album, although I know that these resources are somewhere on the hard disk and which folder is below.But I have a hard time finding it, using roon’s search function.

I have a suggestion: you can add a function similar to Windows Explorer, support folder list and path, users can easily find files and play directly. At the same time, the search function is added to support searching by file name and path name.

If roon adds these two features, I think this software will be more perfect, which is what many users with huge data resources expect.

Kind Regards

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