Access SQLlite DB?


Installed Roon my my NAS (Synology).

Where can I find the database? From the forums I understood, its a sqlite db?


Roon Knowledge Base Database Location.

Where did you read this?


Thanks, I did read that document (link). But it doesn’t explain where the file(s) are stored/named, neither they mention its SQLite. I did find my RoonServer folder, but thats about it. I did a search on *.db, etc. but nothing looked like a SQLite file.

Is my assumption wrong (based on the link below)?

From here I understood its SQLite, and that you would be apple to access it.

We don’t use sqlite at all. The low level DBMS is leveldb. The structure of the database on top of that is pretty opaque–not something you are going to be able to poke around without a lot of effort/reverse engineering.

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I believe @evand post is about scanning the music library audio files and creating an SQLite database to store the results, rather than attempting to scan Roon’s database.

Correct, it’s a means of getting tags from your files, making changes via SQL and then writing them back to the underlying files.

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@brian, thanks for the info!

@carl & @evand, my bad, I wrongly assumed :blush: