Accessing Roon library from remote location

I listen to music at both home and office. I will rip CD’s at work, copy them to a HD, bring them home and merge on a NAS.

Anyway, is there a way to access my home library from the office? I see a bunch of mentions of home networks. OSX.


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Same network only.
At present accessing your library from remote networks is not possible. See Remote playback over internet in the feature request category.

So I will have to purchase two licenses then?

Only if you wish to run the core at both locations simultaneously.

So, let’s say I am running the core at home and don’t shut it down. Then I go to my office, I won’d be able to access Roon then?

I’ve not tried it, but I suspect Roon will prompt for confirmation and then just deactivate the licence for the other device and switch it over to the one you have just started up.

Hey All!

I am loving the Roon software. Currently, I have Roon hosted on my Mac Mini, which is connected to my wifi network and DAC. I would like to know if there is a way to access my Roon library from my work office remotely via my Android phone? If so, how would I go back setting this up?

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Have a read, it should answer your question.

Also have a read of

Cool, thanks!

Any update on when or if this functionality would be available?

So this is a big deal ROON. So you have the best interface and methods of searching researching and linking with ‘focus’. Bar none. Really ‘fing love It. This lack of remote access is the only thing that leaves you vulnerable.

JRiver gives me this. So currently I’ll run both. JRiver might end up winning just for this feature. You do so much. What does It really rake to open up a port and run the core Visible to the outside. Running multiple cores sucks as you can’t have the same library and playlists. Here is another fault. If you are not doing this. Why not maker an export feature for playlists so they can be imported to spotify etc so when in the car one can at least play curated lists. And a core synching feature. Charge a sliding scale so first core is full price second core is half and so on.

What I and everyone really wants is to get a static ip. And have a remote client that can see the core over WAN. I have a 1Gb line I and out of my house no cans stream dsd no prob. Come on give is room 2.0 with WAN ! Thanks


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