Adding Own Album Reviews/Artist Bio Directly Into Roon

Hi there,

As the title suggests I would love to be able to add reviews/artist bio’s directly into roon itself instead of having to do the whole PDF thing and open a new window/program to read the information which feels clunky and non flowing to me when using roon.

I know there are still other issues that would class as a higher priority then this but would love the option to be able to do this in roon.

It would be nice if someone from the roon team could answer this for me as to me is a major thing missing been able to do the above when other software allows this to be added or changed within the programs themselves.

I am sure someone from roon mentioned about this been implemented at some point in the past just wondering if it could be expected anytime soon at all.


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Anyone able to give an update as to weather this might be getting added to roon as it’s probably for me the thing that bugs me the most in roon with how I use it and would really like to be be able to add my own content within roon.

No need to create yet another feature request for this one. There is one open since 2017. Using search always helps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: