Adjust the DSP settings to reflect the Audeze pre-settings

Thanks Brian. I’m definitely a fan of the Audeze DSP EQ.

I’ll mention it to the Mr. Speakers people I see this weekend and see what they have to say.

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Follow up: I spoke to the Dan Clark of Mr. Speakers today in Torrance at the SourceAV. I floated the idea of DSP for his line of headphones (which I know has been asked before).

Dan advised me he would not want to touch the headphone voicing of the Ether or Voce line by employing DSP (such as Audeze does). He felt the voicing was right where it needed to be. And it is very pleasant on both the Ether 2 and Voce. I had planned on checking out the Aeon Flow Opens, which are lightweight, nice sounding cans. That said, after hearing Ether 2, well, needless to say, I have another set of primo headphones.