Album Art Display in Now Playing

I’m extremely disappointed with the lack of an option to display large album art, which changes with the track playing, in the new Now Playing screen. So many other options available now except for the one most important to me. I want to display Album Art as big as possible - not some stock photo of the artist staring at me, or lyrics that don’t advance along with the track.
Please guys…please! Seems like a no-brainer. I’m not arguing to take away other options, just give me back this one


Roon have said they will be adding this .


New to roon and a big fan. I will definitely be sticking with it. I would like to join in this thread in requesting a way (if not already changed in a way that I can’t see) to have cover art displayed with the majority of the display filled with the Album Cover. The art is important. To take it in as art, we need to be able to see it better. On my core PC, I’m able to do this to some extent but not when casting displays. About to invest in a nucleus so concerned about what my display will look like when cast.

It’s unclear from your post if your problem is with the now playing screen, the web display, the chromecast display or all three. Anyway, on the now playing screen go to the three dot menu on the lower right, select configure now playing screen, grab the hash at the right and drag the album art to the top. Now you see album art as big as it gets. The other two options are not configurable.

@David_Gibson I did configure the now playing screen, and I’m quite satisfied with that on the PC, which is currently my core. My issue is with the cast display, which is almost identical to the web display for me. If I purchase the Nucleus, this will become the only option to display cover art, and at the moment I can can only see a very large screen with the artists’ photo and a small box of album cover art.

It’s possible to change/edit certain elements such as the album cover size when using the web based displays, not sure about the cast display. If you’re interested check out this thread: Customized Displays: OK to share?

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I’d like to see this feature too. For the most part I really like the Roon UI and am really surprised on such small album art in now playing section. Seems obvious it could be bigger…

I am using the Roon app on Windows 10. I do not see a “…” Configuration option in the lower right of the play screen. Instead I see several icons at the top. I can click on those and it will switch to Artist Image / Album Art / Lyrics/ etc… but these are not perpetual. How do i configure Roon app to always show the large Album Art on the now playing screen?

Dots are vertical and bottom right (sorry, Roon in French in the snapshot).

Thanks - I see i can remove Lyrics and Artists Photo… which in turn will display the Album Artwork as the default. It would be even nicer to still be able to display those items, but to set the preference / order. However, the solution you provided works for me.

No need to deactivate items, simply drag and drop them, clicking on the 3 horizontal bars in front of them. @Wesley_Derbyshire. This will change the order as per your preference.

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Perfect… now I fully understand, and this works just the way I would like! I love that I can set the order as you described! My bad for not recognizing the symbol used to drag and drop these various elements.