Alexa voice control

Please no alexa bs in Roon. Thanks.


Gees no integration in Alexa after all the asking from your customers.
Do you still have capable developers on staff or have you released everyone to make your margins?

I have a very nice hi fi system and find myself listening to my echo dots all over the house because they Sync music better and is more useable than Roon


I have Alexa voice commands working with Roon, not sure if anyone has tried this before so I am reporting in case it is useful. It is bit of a hack.

I recently got a Fire HD 8 and the show mode stand. I had already setup a Harmony hub and used the Deep Harmony extension for use with a harmony companion remote. The deep harmony extension emulates Roku device so volume, play pause, skip forward, rewind and few other commands work with the remote,

I then linked the Harmony hub to Alexa but be sure to use something other than ‘Roon’ as the friendly name (Alexa confuses it with ‘room’). Alexa does not like ‘Music’ either as it will start playing Amazon HD so choose something like ‘Jazz’, ‘Tunes’ etc.

Voice commands such as play, pause, volume up, down , skip forward work. I have setup Harmony hub to control the volume of my DAC.

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Perhaps you could try using Sooloos instead of Roon as this will close the circle nicely.

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Alexa and Google Assistant integration is a must have for me. Plex fully supports this no reason Roon can not. The integrations to add are fairly straight forward to build out. The people who do not want it should simply turn off the feature.


There is no reason Roon can not except it might not be in their product “vision.” Personally, I hate voice activated commands and would be one who turns off the feature, as you suggest. I guess it really depends on how many customers want this feature and where Roon puts it in their priority list. They don’t share that information.

There’s a very capable Alexa skill for controlling Logitech Media Server called ‘MediaServer’ that also allows casting audio from LMS to an Echo device as audio sink. If it can be done for LMS then why not for Roon? The excuse that Alexa hears badly when music is playing and that ‘Roon’ sounds too much like ‘Room’ is rather lame - who ever said Roon had to be in the invocation name?

MediaServer Alexa skill

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This. It could have easily been Valence or RoonServer.

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+1 for building in Alexa integration… something similar to what Sonos did. Really a cool feature that in our house increased utilization.


Yes, please.

I’ve been using Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony for well over a year without issue. Highly recommended but does require some tech knowledge and/or great patience to learn and setup but once working it’s hands free.

Yes. Please add Alexa control.

Any progress on this very important feature?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Innuos Zen Mini iii

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Gigabit wired Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Sonia Move

Description Of Issue
I have given my 12 yo daughter the Roon app and her own profile which all works well with her Sonos Move. We have a rule of no screen based devices at bedtime and I’d like to enable her to select Roon playback (playlists and Tidal) from either her Echo Dot or Alexa voice services in the Sonia itself.

Sonia doesn’t seem to allow either Tidal or Roon as a Music service in its app and I can’t see how to get Alexa to recognise Roon

Is there a way of achieving voice control over Roon from an Alexa enabled device?

Many thanks

No you can’t is the short answer.

Hi @Peter_Miller,

GED is correct, so I’ve moved your use case over to the #roon:feature-requests topic.

  • Basic transport control - Play, Pause etc yes - can be done via Logitech Harmony and Deep Harmony extension (there may be other methods as well).
  • Select any track/album/artists radio etc by saying the title, artists etc then no. This requires the music database be uploaded to amazon.

I’ve been enjoying full voice control of Spotify playback (selecting artists/albums/tracks to play, skipping tracks, manipulating with volume, …) on my Android tablet lately and definitely think this is the future.

Please enable full voice control of Roon.

I would love to see Alexa integration. I developed a skill called “House Band” that give full voice control with JRiver music software, including searching your catalog. It worked pretty well. No reason it couldn’t work with Roon.


Voice control gets my vote too. It’s the second issue that might just lead me to not renew my subscription. The other is Roon’s failure to fix the memory leakage. I’ve gone from a Roon advocate to being rather disappointed that this is software being left behind

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