Alexa voice control

Now that the Amazon API is available, it would be fun to control Roon via Alexa. “Alexa, next track on Roon” or “Alexa, play <artist / album> on Roon in the living room” etc.


Roon API is coming in 1.3.

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I actually discussed this awhile ago in a private thread. I’d thought I’d reshare here.

Forget Siri. Amazon’s Alexa (aka Echo) blows it
out of the water. It an amazing product that I already use to control
my thermostat, and lights around the house. And it does exactly what
XXXXXX is asking. I can say, play x album, or song ,artist or
playlist (all from my Amazon purchases and Amazon Prime Music). it is
linked into Iheartradio, tunein so I can say play WFMU or any call sign
and have the station start playing. heck it will even read any kindle
book I’ve purchased and track progress with the physical kindle.

Since it is its own bluetooth speaker I can even stream Roon to it
from my tablet or phone. A perfect in kitchen product. And really
unexpected since, I originally acquired it with the use case of
replacing my pen and paper grocery list with a scenario of just being
able to say “Add broccoli to my shopping list” and have it added to the
list on my phone automatically.

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Man… this would be the best feature ever! I’ve just been given a Amazon Echo device as a gift, and I’m loving it. I think I’ll eventually be putting some of the small $50 Echo Dot devices in every room. Being able to add Roon skills would be most excellent. Can anyone from the Roon team comment as to whether this might be a possibility in the near future?



Seriously though ask yourself do you really want Amazon or Google knowing you eat broccoli?



I ordered a 6 pack of Dots for the team… but they arent out yet… oct 20…


hi Danny, how’s the Echo dot testing coming along?

i played with it for an hour and its on my desk to do something… but ive been busy trying to get 1.3 out the door!


I think being able to control Roon via Alexa commands would be a great feature - it seems to understand my voice commands and voice commands are much more efficient than remote commands from my iMac, iPhone, or iPad

I would love to have Amazon control over Roon, @danny any update(s) appreciated
@Marc_Koval I’d like to get this working among other upgrades next time you are in town
happy holidays, we love using Roon overall, it’s been great

Roon API was supposed to be released in 1.3 has anyone do an alexa integration yet? Thanks for any info…

Maybe I’m anal, but shouldn’t 1.3 be released first?

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I’m totally looking forward to this as well. “Alexa, please play Ella Fitzgerald’s greatest hits through the microrendu zone.”

Thanks for working so hard on these issues, the metadata, and 1.3 in general. It must be like a Wikipedia over there, 20 employees for several million things to do!

Thanks again

Not as bad as Wikipedia, Only thousands of things among 11.

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Actually, I would like to be able to use the Alexa or Echo Dots as endpoints as well.

Now when 1.3 is released and the API is there to, at least as beta.
Wouldn’t an Alexa skill from Roon team be a perfect example of API usage? :slight_smile:

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It really does amaze me people willing to place an amazon mic on their house, anyway, whatever you like…


I love them so much I have placed them in nearly every room. I WANT Amazon to record everything that happens in my household.


This products should be banned, anyway whatever you like, I am an Infosec professional you have no idea what they can do with it.