Allo Boss DAC review

OK - thank you for the info

Recieved my Boss DAC today, installed it on a clean DietPi RP3 but the DAC is not recognized. I selected the Boss DAC but aplay tells me no dac found. Do I need to install a driver?

I will check with Dan if driver was added

Hi, posted this on DIY Audio as well. Does it make any sense to add the "Boss’ on top of the Kali and would that even work?

Nope , Boss already has the clocks

OK thanks!

DietPi v 145 has the BOSS dac …what version are you using ?

I’m using version 145. Is there anything I should do except select Boss in the config utility and install Roon software?

It should work. Start with a fresh install , clean the RPI connectors

Hmmm… it does work after a clean install. Not sure what was the problem, but thanks for your help.

Good. Give it 48h min to “burn” the film capacitors and tell us what you think.

Hi Janis, very informative posts and experiences shared here - thanks for that !

Have you compared it with a HiFiBerry Dac+ PRO? I have it, powered by a large 5V 2.4amp rechargeable battery and thinks it’s incredible value.

If the Allo Boss is another step up then I may need to upgrade !


How does the battery connector work on the BOSS Dac ? Is it 3.3V input ? Does anything else need to be changed on the board to use it ?

Hi, I’m not sure if this is a question for me? I have the HiFiBerry Dac+ PRO powered by 5V battery. But I don’t want to go off the topic of this thread. Check out my posts in the HiFiberry threads (Digi+ and Dac+).

I mentioned the HiFiBerry here to ask if anyone has compared to the Allow Boss because it might mean I need to upgrade ! :slight_smile:

Hi, the question was for Allo and the Boss Dac (that is, if you were replying to my question!).

Whoops, my apologies. I did click the post (not thread) ‘reply’ button but the arrow doesn’t show above, to show that I replied to you. Apologies again.

Yes if you want to connect to it , you need to desolder some resistors. We will add the info on the website

We don’t recommend it , but was included.

Thanks. I actually posted a comment on your forum and got an answer. I will not do the modification. Sounds great as is.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

I had possibility this week to review the new updated Boss.

The updated Boss is excellent!

All concerns I had are now fixed/ gone.

  1. Perfect presence of high frequencies with precision, transparency, and lightness. That give this amazing feeling of music defying gravity and flying - one step closer to hifi ecstasy!

  2. Positive impact also on vocal reproduction, previous sensation of mid tones being washed with low frequencies is reduced. Voice has much better sonority and is easy flowing through air.

Also I compared the Boss to combination of Kali clocker and Piano DAC. I didn’t believe what I heard… the Boss was so much better!!!
Boss sounded much more colorful, dynamic, with rich bass, broad sound volume, and wide stereo base. Kali+Piano in comparison was still giving accurate sound, but more flat and short.

Based on previous testing the Kali+Piano was the best available DAC in market for Raspberry Pi - outperforming the HiFiBerry and IQaudIO products, as well Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 DAC running of ES9023.

The only currently better chipset implemented for Raspberry Pi DACs is Sabre 9018K2M, but the released Audiophonics DAC still engineering work in progress; however, new updated version with driver support is expected to come soon. Also I’m very curios to see when Allo will release their DAC on AKM AK 4497 chip - that will be first high end DAC on Raspberry Pi.

Boss is by far the best Texas Instruments PCM5122 chip based DAC in the market, based on unique technological developments that Allo has put in it: triple power cleaning lines, super capacitor, two high quality 44.1 or 48 kHz master clocks driving Raspberry Pi I2S signal process, with extremely low noise & jitter levels achieved.


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