Allow backup periods > 99 days

Currently the backup period option when adding a scheduled backup is limited to 2 digits in days. Would be very nice if that could be increased to 3 digits, allowing for 6-monthly and yearly backup scheduling.


Also, as it stands now the lowest number of Backups is two.

In the case of Dropbox, it would be better to have the option for only one Backup.

That’s how often you want to backup. You can keep up to 99 backups. So, you could backup every 99 days and keep 99 of those. That’s over 26 years.

I backup every night and keep 30, plus once a month and keep 12. I back up to an attached 1TB USB HDD.

True but would be ‘simpler’ to have separate 6-monthly and yearly backup locations. I’m trying to implement @killdozer’s strategy here:

I really doubt a backup from over a year ago will be of much value.