Alternative to Sooloos C15 that works for both Roon and Sooloos?

If your happy with the sound, keep it.

I agree, if you are happy with the MS600, keep it. But why would you buy an MS200? It’s time is gone.

I think the OP wants to sell his C10 as a running system. The C10 audio board is gone so adding an MS200 would rectify this.

I can’t think who would pay much for a C10 now though.

John, I just confirmed that the iPad I use to control my system is a 16 GB iPad Air 2. Sorry for my confusion. I think it’s not the GB of storage in the iPad that matters but the bits in the architecture that matter; you need 64 bit architecture to use the Roon IOS app. I looked up your iPad and it’s a 32 bit machine. I had this same problem, wanting to use an older iPad but not being able to because it was a 32 bit machine, so I just bought a refurbished 64-bit, wifi-only machine from the Apple website. I’m sure you can find other outlets as well. I found a post on an Apple support page saying that iPads after November 2013 are 64 bit, which means the Airs, Pros and recent minis. Hope this helps.

Thanks Chris.

I have been looking at some of the Chinese tablets but am unsure of their Roon compatibility so like your idea of a refurbished unit from Apple, something which had not occurred to me so thanks for the trip

John (finding there is a lot more to learn)

LOL, “TIP” not trip. Now if Roon could send people on a trip, wouldn’t that be something!!!

I often feel like it does. Have found myself in very unusual places through Roon/Tidal.

I saw your post about the Atom Z8300 tablet but am not quite sure enough that the graphics are up to spec to comment. Some other folks here will know. I use an iPad mini 3 very happily. The second hand market is quite good for 64bit iPads. Daniel @rugby might be able to say something about Android on that tablet.

Yes Andy, I’m coming back to Nick’s earlier suggestion about the iPad as being the most reliable option. It appears that Roon has heavy graphic demands that are beyond many tablets.

And I’m still in a bit of a quandary about choosing an end point for Roon. Initially I thought to hang on to my MS600 but now feel it should sell with the rest of the Sooloos outfit both to make it more attractive to sell and to ensure the buyer gets maximum benefit from the system.

I’ve looked at AURALIC ARIES (available here in Australia at a reasonable price) but have not found any other possibilities yet. Any suggestions gratefully received.


You could check out the Antipodes range.

I’ve had an Aries for about a year and it’s worked well as a Roon Ready endpoint. It’s probably the best Wi-Fi endpoint. I haven’t been using it lately because I prefer to use HQ Player and an NAA in my main system and the microRendu fits the bill there. Unfortunately I understand Auralic don’t plan to provide an NAA with the Aries anytime soon.

There are other less expensive devices that can do 80-90% of an Aries Roon Wi-Fi performance, and if wired Ethernet is available then I’d reccomend the microRendu, particularly with the LPS-1 power supply that UpTone also do. The Aries has a lot of features that the microRendu lacks, but they are redundant with Roon and when it comes to rendering Ethernet to USB then the microRendu has a very focussed “less is more” design philosophy.

After you’ve looked into it, if you’re still interested in an Aries send me a PM. I’m in Australia also (Richmond, Melbourne) and can offer you “as new” for less than the current discounted price. (I have the twin femtoclock model with the linear power supply). Do look at the microRendu though.

Thanks Tony but I cannot seem to find prices for these items. From the quick look it seems the DX model would act as core as well as offering output and that has some appeal but I’m unclear about the storage.


Drop them an email. I am sure they will answer all your questions

Hi John,
The MS600 is a really good end-point. Unless you expect to get a ton of DSD, MQA, 192/24 material I would keep it going. I still use one as well as Ms200’s and an ID41.

If you get a chance to sell on as a Sooloos bundle then just get some cheap RAAT enabled units whilst you test and check out other brands. E.g rPi, Rendu etc.


Thanks Nick. I did originally intend to do that but realised selling the Sooloos system would be less attractive without it and also felt that it was needed by the buyer for Sooloos to sound the best. And I could not be bothered with an MS200 which appears not as good as the MS600 anyway.

But I have taken your advice on the iPad. After recovering from the high prices asked here in Australia I’ve ended up with a used 128GB 12.9" unit with keyboard & pencil + 1 year remaining guarantee for $AUD1170 (690 GDP or $USD850) compared to over $AUD1500 new.

All up the switch to Roon will cost little more than what you forecasted re a used Control 15 for Sooloos. And if I can get a good price for Sooloos I’ll be well ahead financially and otherwise.

But a further question. Is there any point in my further editing album titles, album artist names and massaging track data before I download for Roon? I’m wondering if Roon will take over anyway and alter quite a bit of the earlier editing - it appeared to do that with one of my test samples.

As all tag work in Sooloos will not export I guess I’ll have to say goodbye to that and hope Roon 1.3 will have editing for it.



You won’t get so much for old Sooloos stuff as the buyers also have the Roon Option and will be looking at their options too.
I would keep the best endpoints for myself (MS600) and just let Sooloss go.
I am thinking of a friend who yesterday disposed of thousands of pounds of old Hi Fi magazines. The money is gone, the use has been had and now it’s just costing more for storage.
I would not do any more grooming in Sooloos if you are moving to Roon.
The data in your files should be available to Roon but you will need to make the jump from the Soolos Camp to the Roon camp. You can still run both for a while if you wish.
Roon 1.3 may well change things for the better in Roons favour too. It shouldn’t be too long now before we see this.
Just my thoughts at this confusing decision time. Chris

Right. While you would make a bit more money including the MS600, you’d then not have the MS600 to use.

I liked the MS600 a lot. (I used to run 2 before I went down the 818 route.)

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Not knocking the MS600 as it is a nice unit, but I’m replacing it with an Auralic Aries.

I’m optimistic about selling the Sooloos to a technologically challenged (even more than me!!!) music lover friend who could not handle Roon at all but the Meridian gear would suit him nicely. And it is only fair to him to offer the MS600 as part of the package.

I can see the point being made about more editing of music files on Sooloos could be a waste of time for Roon. I just experimented with editing a Vivaldi album with a long winded description for each track which Sooloos cannot display under sub headings (for each concerto). I edited it down in Sooloos so it looked nice with the each concertos grouped, under a header and movements underneath. Waste of time because that formatting does not come through on Roon and each concerto does not appear with a header yet all the info magically appears on selecting a track. Copying in a non edited Vivaldi album gave exactly the same result in Roon. Maybe Roon 1.3 will show the sort of display the edited version displayed on Sooloos but it is not worth doing tedious editing of tracks until that is known.
I never did work out the rules and regulations for formatting tracks for neat Sooloos display. It just ended up trial and error to see how many commas etc could be left in place. It wilol be interesting to see how Roon 1.3 handles the situation.
And I see there appears to be little enthusiasm for allowing for editing of tags - is that still policy?

A congrats on coming to a decision your happy with…

Thanks Chris. Yes I’m happy enough with the decisions but you are spot on about the value of the Sooloos system.

I thought I could persuade a friend in Hobart to buy it but the poor guy is now very distracted with the threat of prostrate cancer so, understandably, is not interested about buying into Sooloos. There is someone else interested but I’m doubtful a sale to him will go ahead. So I’m coming to the conclusion that many of you have - it is worth so little one might as well hang on to it. I’ve had 6 years “entertainment” (among a heap of hassles) from it so time to move on.

Meridian gear has been expensive and not always reliable but has given us high quality audio. The advent of Roon is obviously the swan song of Sooloos and is a big challenge for Meridian. They are an innovative company and their high prices have enabled them to survive to ultimately come out with MQA. If they do not team up with Roon then I’m guessing their survival will depend on the industry adoption of MQA so they will end up getting out of hardware as it is looking too expensive in the context of the opposition. Anyway, getting off topic sio that’s enough about Meridian.

sorry to hear about your friends trouble.
We live in an unprecedented time of change and the speed of this change is breathtaking.
Looked at in these terms, Sooloos is very old but I have shirts I still wear that are older and I’m not thinking about replacing them soon lol. This is a circle that the more mature amongs us find it hard to square and I’m only 58.
Loving the MQA though. Bob Stuart and his team should be proud. They took the Brick Bats, now it’s time for the praise.
Consider your Sooloos investment as your contribution to funding the MQA research and take a warm internal glow from that. Chris