Android App: Notification Bar Player Control?

It is pretty standard for media players and remotes on Android to have notification bar support. If Roon has it, I haven’t figured out how to activate it…

I am going a bit crazy having to open the app to pause the music. Really makes me long back to my squeezelite controllers .


What with the intermitted issues of Android remote trying to connect forever (e.g. Android app having trouble finding Linux Core), stuck showing the core as “Initializing” - all the while other remotes (Mac OS X, iOS) work instantly - it would be great if the remote could remain connected and we’d get a lock screen control (as an option), e.g. as Devialet’s Spark or Apple’s iTunes have.
Pinging @mike as product owner.

True. The Android app isn’t a smooth experience at all… Here is my standard welcome screen… It usually takes 5-10 seconds… my MacBook Air is more clearly smoother as a remote.

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It is not only Android. I find this happening on iOS more often than I would like. But what I find is that the App seems to be stuck and I quit it and restart! The connection works every time I do this. Something stuck in getting started.

I have not reported it to @support till now. It happens on my iPad and on my iPhone. I have not figured out a pattern to actually debug it yet.

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We definitely want to add lock-screen and notification bar controls in the future. I don’t have any timelines for when the work will happen, as there are a few Android-related audio projects planned where this work could be slotted in, but a Feature Request for this functionality would be great, and would help us prioritize interest in this functionality.

To briefly touch on the duration of the “Waiting” messages – these tend to vary based on environment, and in our experience seems to be largely related to the performance of the network and the hardware involved. For most people, remotes connect in a second or two, but my recommendation would be to look at your wifi configuration first if you’re seeing consistently slower connections.

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Hi Mike,

The WiFi is definitely not the culprit; my wife’s iPhone 6, or any Mac laptop will connect to the core pretty much instantly at exactly the same time that the S8 does not connect. The Samsung S8 works just half the time. I have and old Xiaomi Mi 4 or something, with Android 5, and that’s also a mixed experience.
The Samsung is actually working very well otherwise, and WiFi performance is good, over 128 Mbps, Google WiFi mesh showing great mesh strength etc.
Looking at the logs is seems like it is getting stuck at the raat connection to the Android endpoint.

Made a feature request:


Any news on adding notifications and lock controls on android? It’s really annoying to unlock the phone, open the app, wait for connections everytime a change is needed…


Yes please!

+1 Would love to see this implemented

Hi everybody,

if you don’t want to wait any longer, you can use my Android app + Roon extension: it’roXs!

Any updates on this? Rather odd not having a notification for an app such a music app.

it looks like this was requested back in 2018 so is it fair to assume that it’s never going to implemented?

It’s not the only app that doesn’t do this but it would be great if it did.

This feature is requested / mentioned in several threads, but no concrete feedback… How come?

Roon is always slow developing new features, so latience is a requirement as a Roon user


Seems so… But 5+ years (considering other threads)? And we’re talking about a relatively simple feature…

Yes I understand completely
I ended up buying an Android extension for this, though it should not have been necessary really

I think it’s a result of not being a Native Android App same for iOS doesn’t do the same either. But then it works if your using the app as an endpoint so maybe not. It is annoying though that its absent.

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Yes I’m hoping for it to improve over time.
It will be great not to have to use an extension as long as it doesn’t drain the battery on a Saturday afternoon listening to music :grin: