Android phone as endpoint?

Wow. That would be too much McGyvering for me. One of the fabulous things about Roon is how simple is to set up and how everything just works. I’ll think of something else.

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If the idea is “multiple places”, there’s easier ways to achieve that. By order of technical difficulty, one is waiting for the long-promised remote access feature, another is to set up a VPN connection and rSync your music and library backups to the second core (you load the backups on arrival, takes a little while, but hey), the third is to set up the network and VPN tunnel in such a way that a single core is accessible in multiple locations.

Impressive, how this thread has taken on a life of its own (I’m the OP). My question was a bit different than the discussion in the latter part of the thread. I have not pursued the idea of an android phone based Roon endpoint further, as android phones (as opposed to iOS devices) are simply not suited to stream hires, except when using UAPP.
If I needed to solve Henning’s problem, I would go the route of a laptop hosting roon core and a sufficiently large hard drive for the music . From there via USB or line out to active speakers. I think Henning’s request was for something simple.


LOL, thought the same thing re: your 2018 OP and how the specific topic migrated. I have the same exact situation with a Samsung TabS (T800), ROON, and various DACs; OPPO HA-2, Merdian Explorer I & II, and USB Audio Player Pro. Purchased the MQA extension for use on a few devices.

No issues of playing HiRez audio when NOT engaging ROON app through the Samsung tablet and any of my 5 DACs / DACAmps. And since the above hardware gear works, including associated cables, I forget ROON still, currently has issues? I have used UAPP for years as my software but since I bought ROON in early '18 and use it in 6-7 locations of homeoffice, I keep trying to get this Samsung TabS and a repurposed Samsung S5 Active phone–again, no issues with UAPP & all my hardware…just no ROON.

= the deinition of madness to keep trying every few months?? :wink:

No response from ROON Support Team, one way or another re: (in my case) Samsung S6, S7, S8 Galaxy phones and inability to use the PURCHASED ROON licensed App while connected via USB to an attached DAC, DAC/AMP?

We’re in the process of rebuilding our Android audio support from scratch with an eye towards making as many use cases as possible work cleanly, as well as fixing some of the reliability problems and user experience gaps. Keep an eye out for it in a future release.


Absolutely. Thanks.

Hopefully, Roon may consider using UAPP driver for both internal and external USB DAC. So far it works flawlessly with me using USB Pro Audio Player.

My (3) Samsung devices work fairly regularly (few hiccups) with a variety of my DACs via UAPP. Is the only software/app I use to play HiRez music files from my S5 Active (dedicated DAP now), S8 Active (current phone), & TabS tablet. But UAPP is not as pleasurable as ROON - hence the strong desire to simply fill out a universal request by many for Android & ROON compatibility.

I have found that if I resample all music in Roon to my devices native rate so 48/24 on my phone rather than let the os do it then I don’t get all the dropouts and clicks it gets when interacting or when the display goes off. Same on my tab S2 tablet although that seems to upsample to 96/24 according to my DFB.

Hi Brian,

Beyond fixing the stuttering, roon core finding, etc. issues, will this rebuild include some design changes (e.g. material) ? Currently had to switch to bluos because the android app was terrible but i’d be more comfortable not locking myself in a manufacturer ecosystem.

Thanks a lot!

Not for this one.

@brian, will the revised Android app be addressing:

(1) The unfortunate use of Android Services in this app, causing stuttering sound on certain devices once the app looses GUI focus, e.g. when using another app, e.g. a browser? See “cautions” here:, or read several threads on this over at StackOverflow.

Example on device with stuttering sound: LG V10. This is unfortunate since the V series of LG have a decent (better than mobile device average) HiFi DAC. The problem is probably due to a non-optimal design by LG, but since we are aiming at HiFi sound, this should be accounted for by ROON.

Stuttering sound not present examples: LG G2, Samsung devices.

(2) USB out feature (instead of headphones out). Study the user interaction in AudioPlayerPro, with its usb autodetect feature.

(3) An option to set the Android app as “server” when on the fly, so that we do not need to revert to Tidal or USB Audio Player Pro for this use case. I would like a simple “toggle” here; “allow this app to act on top of Tidal when not connected to the normal ROON server”, type of feature.


I know these things take time.
Again - thanks for committing to improving the Android app. The user experience gap, for me, is obviously being able to access the DAPs internal dac eg FiiO M11 which has an excellent design for the money.


I concur with Tim Chapman and a few others re: providing ROON/Android owners (Samsung Galaxy S phones & tablets in my case) the freedom of having their portable Android device serve as a ROON endpoint if attached to a suitable DAC.

What a fantastic feature that would be if our current state-of-art Galaxy Android phones or aging (yet frankly still amazing) Android phones & tablets from from the last few years could piggyback to an OPPO HA2, Merdian Explorer I&II, Schiit DACs, etc., and our purchased ROON App rock-on as it does acting as a ROON Remote!! Think of the potential new ROON subscribers that have substantial Android devices from 2016+ sitting about that could benefit from a new ROON infusion and introduction to personal music.

I design & build technology pkgs for a living but do NOT pretend to know much about the required handshaking & cooperation between Android software and the terrific ROON program(s). Admittedly I also love eating out at popular restaurants but do not necessarily want to peek behind the kitchen doors–where the magic is created!

No doubt ROON developers work from roadmaps of requested new features from users like App enhancements + HDWE compatibility but must prioritize roadmaps of bug repairs & security issues first.

With such an entertaining & useful product as ROON, I trust the process and ROON’s developers. Therefore I’ll stay patient for Android Endpoint implementation one day soon since I won’t ever move to Apple anything.


A polite bump re: discussions (I may NOT be following) around ROON Endpoints & compatibility w/ Android devices (Samsung Galaxy S series phones) - in my case S5 Active & S8 Active.
Thanks much.

My note 3, note 4, S8 all work fine as endpoints. Have for years.

Not when this post was created though, up until the recent refresh it’s was dire on most Android devices , both my Samsung Tab S2 and One Plus 5 where dreadfull.

Since the recent refresh it’s more or less rock stable, but lack of bit perfect for devices that have a capable DAC and support for external DACs is still lacking and this is not good, given the rise of DAPs that get around this. For a premium product it’s a shame they can’t manage what an app for a few £ can do and play bit perfect on your device.

I have a very capable DAP that is crippled by Roon , it’s a big shame I want to use Roon and get my hires playback, not nobbled to 44.1/24.


Also watch out for Open GL compatability must be 3.0 or better

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Agreed, it would be nice if Roon could work on enabling the use of a DAP’s own audio path rather than defaulting to the Android path. I appreciate why that is not a simple task, though.
Having said that, recent changes do seem to have improved quality - my FiiO M11 runs at (depending on what mood it is in!) 96Khz or 192 Khz. Continues to bypass the FiiO audio chain, but does sound better.

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