Android phone as endpoint?

I have unsuccessfully been trying to get the following use case to work today:

  • Sony Xperia XZ1 compact with Android 8 and Roon app

  • Chord Mojo connected to XZ1 via OTC cable

The roon android app finds my ROCK and I can play files locally on the phone, but it will not find the Mojo.
The Chord Mojo works fine on the XZ1 using USB Audio Player Pro (with the same OTC cable), so the basic setup seems to function.
Does the roon android app not recognize USB devices connected to a phone / tablet using an OTC cable?

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Sadly not. I have a mojo also and wish for what you’re saying, also whilst it recognises my X7ii android dap, it play’s it native Android, ie with the 'orrible upsamping :frowning:

Same with my LG V30, I suppose, not that I’ve even bothered trying TBH. Im a UAPP user through and through for my android devices. Here’s to hoping Roon will develop something stunning to overtake it all!

Thanks @Sallah_48
So I guess its back to USB Audio Player Pro. UAPP does work, just not as elegant as Roon.


Definitely. Ive recently taken out an unlimited Dropbox account, uploading all my music to there, and using Cloudplayer to access it directly for general streaming, then download albums as needed via Cloudplayer and listen offline in all HD glory via UAPP. It works well.

I’m thinking of something very similar. The using an amplifier that can also function as a Roon core and feeding it with music that’s on the mobile phone with the same mobile phone being the actual remote with which you start the music. You have gone through something like this? I would love to do this wirelessly, but Roon does not recognise the phone. Once it is connected to the amp via USB it should work? I have not gone out and bought this set up yet therefore my fairly silly question.

There are not many of those since the Roon core needs to be a fairly intensive computer. Current basic requirements put that as an i3. Which one were you thinking.

That is not something I would recommend, even if you could get it setup, which I doubt.
You would need to load something on the mobile phone that allows its internal files to be view-able and accessible from other PCs on the same network. Besides the security implications, the way Roon works, it would have to stream the file from the phone to the CoreServer and then to the output. Having a WiFi jump as part of the audio stream in getting music to the CoreServer is, imho, never a good idea. You will have a lot of dropouts, I suspect, if you could even get that setup.

Thanks for the feedback. At this stage it is really just an idea and apparently not a very promising one. No specific amplifier in mind. I just thought that something that could run a Roon core would make things simple and streamlined. Ideally I would not want to have to set up a separate PC. I have a Roon core on my PC at the moment which then takes everything from a NAS and feeds it to my dedicated music set up via a DCS network bridge. I was dreaming of this setup for a separate apartment, where I wouldn’t have access to this infrastructure. It seemed like a possible set up to load some music on a mobile phone and use that wirelessly or connected via a cable.

If I was setting up a quick Roon setup, I would go for a old used laptop and a pair of active speakers. The laptop can run the Core and store the music, the active speakers have the DAC inside. Phone stays as control mechanism.

Thanks. Food for thought. The

Won’t work for the OP’s premise. It can’t run RoonCore aka Server. It would work as an endpoint probably depending on what distro you loaded on the raspberry pi.

look at all the space around that Pi… I haven’t looked at the audioberry design files, but a pi 9cm long if I’m not mistaken, a NUC motherboard is 10x10 cm… so…

Ah. Yes, see what you mean. I hadn’t realized how far down the McGyver hole you were suggesting. :smiley:

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Wow. That would be too much McGyvering for me. One of the fabulous things about Roon is how simple is to set up and how everything just works. I’ll think of something else.

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If the idea is “multiple places”, there’s easier ways to achieve that. By order of technical difficulty, one is waiting for the long-promised remote access feature, another is to set up a VPN connection and rSync your music and library backups to the second core (you load the backups on arrival, takes a little while, but hey), the third is to set up the network and VPN tunnel in such a way that a single core is accessible in multiple locations.

Impressive, how this thread has taken on a life of its own (I’m the OP). My question was a bit different than the discussion in the latter part of the thread. I have not pursued the idea of an android phone based Roon endpoint further, as android phones (as opposed to iOS devices) are simply not suited to stream hires, except when using UAPP.
If I needed to solve Henning’s problem, I would go the route of a laptop hosting roon core and a sufficiently large hard drive for the music . From there via USB or line out to active speakers. I think Henning’s request was for something simple.


LOL, thought the same thing re: your 2018 OP and how the specific topic migrated. I have the same exact situation with a Samsung TabS (T800), ROON, and various DACs; OPPO HA-2, Merdian Explorer I & II, and USB Audio Player Pro. Purchased the MQA extension for use on a few devices.

No issues of playing HiRez audio when NOT engaging ROON app through the Samsung tablet and any of my 5 DACs / DACAmps. And since the above hardware gear works, including associated cables, I forget ROON still, currently has issues? I have used UAPP for years as my software but since I bought ROON in early '18 and use it in 6-7 locations of homeoffice, I keep trying to get this Samsung TabS and a repurposed Samsung S5 Active phone–again, no issues with UAPP & all my hardware…just no ROON.

= the deinition of madness to keep trying every few months?? :wink:

No response from ROON Support Team, one way or another re: (in my case) Samsung S6, S7, S8 Galaxy phones and inability to use the PURCHASED ROON licensed App while connected via USB to an attached DAC, DAC/AMP?

We’re in the process of rebuilding our Android audio support from scratch with an eye towards making as many use cases as possible work cleanly, as well as fixing some of the reliability problems and user experience gaps. Keep an eye out for it in a future release.


Absolutely. Thanks.

Hopefully, Roon may consider using UAPP driver for both internal and external USB DAC. So far it works flawlessly with me using USB Pro Audio Player.