Announcing the Roon Store v2.0

Well, Roon would use what it thinks is the best downsampler to use. That way you can avoid flooding your network with traffic that isn’t used. Same goes for MQA, Roon would decode and send it 88.2khz or 96khz.

Does it sound as good? Seriously? It all sounds great. :crazy_face:


Right now my single phantom down samples to 24/48 which is how a single is designed to work, a pair would give 24/96.

Sounds spectacular to my ears for the size of the unit!

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I wonder how a pair of the smaller one’s would compare to my Bose Soundtouch 300 with Acoustimass 300 subwoofer?

I was totally absolutely shocked at the bass energy they output.
And the quality of said bass.
Sure $2400 for a pair could buy you a lot but I think they are worth it.

Or $2,800.

Different league Jim, much much better.


Congratulations @danny & team… This is awesome news… One place for all the Life-Altering stuff… :slight_smile:

Danny, you have a great product, but it is FAR from being perfect; still no reason to be so thin-skinned. There is no “error in my sarcastic words” because they are just that.
Any frustration based sarcasm my originate from waning patience with Platin/Buchardt, but also with Roon.
Hoping your new retail aspirations bring you a windfall that you may then leverage to improve your product.

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Fair play on the reply and back & forth gents. Keep it classy after all. Apple was a software company that then made their own products while selling some partners products in their stores, maybe Roon can go that route and expand their offerings of in house hardware products based on extensive experience of what runs or integrates Roon best. In the meantime tighten the verbiage you use with Manufacturers about mentioning Roon certification status down a bit and alot of the current frustrations with companies like Hegel and Buchardt might be assuaged, because Roon compatibility is a selling point and regardless of the legalities it does soil the Roon name when a manufacturer advertises such compatibility coming soon and soon never comes. Merry Christmas to you all!

Wikipedia thinks it was a hardware company that backed into software. I do, too.


Potato Pototo, where does the name Tater Tot’s come from? I would like to see Roon take all of their experience and that storage room full of gear they are going to show us and turn out some other great products like the Nucleus. Fits the Apple design aesthetic. Your point is taken though Bill, thanks for the correction. FTR, I would take a many other devices over apples current offerings if I could reliably run OS X or iOS on them. Similar to how I use Roon today. On other folks hardware. Would prefer to see a streaming preamp by Roon sooner than later.

Please explain this to me.

If I said that Roon’s integration with Apple Music was coming soon, and soon never comes, do you blame Apple or do you blame me?

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To answer your question: I personally wouldn’t blame you, Danny. If I had spent thousands of dollars on a piece of Roon equipment with the “need” for Apple Music integration as a top draw to that piece of Roon equipment I would be frustrated with Roon but I would also want Apple to require a bit more stringent requirements on who can advertise their integration/partnership, who can market their products in conjunction with them so that in the future I wasn’t mislead into spending said thousands on equipment that didn’t do what it originally was advertised as being able to do “soon”.

The entire Roon ready, tested, or capable titles/issues are confusing and have been for a long time also. This coupled with the Hegel H390 situation “leaves a bad taste” so to speak. So as I originally said it would be great to see Roon hold their “partners” to a higher standard publicly as well as it would for Roon to eventually build their own hardware with the knowledge and expertise they’ve gained by experience or hiring. I would spend my money more gladly on that equipment than I ever will on Hegel again.

I think that’s exactly what Roon did last fall when they clamped down on manufactures who claimed Roon Ready before their product was Roon Ready.

While we can’t prevent anyone from advertising falsities, we did lock down Roon Ready “beta” releases in September 2020 so manufacturers would stop selling incomplete un-certified implementations of Roon Ready.

If a manufacturer promises Roon Ready and then fails to deliver on it, I would leave that manufacturer behind. Life’s too short to be stuck on a piece of gear that can’t deliver. There are too many alternatives that do deliver.

We will definitely not be building audio equipment. However, there are products that we find interesting and a joy to use. Over time we will curate them into the new Roon Store. We started with just a handful in one category, but this will be expanding.


Maybe Roon could license someone to build NUC’s with ROCK pre-loaded to be sold through the Roon store. There might be a market for those from people who don’t want to build their own.

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We have a product just like this coming to the store very shortly. It has four audio zones and is meant to fit in a rack in your basement.


Now that will be of great interest!
Keeping an eye out for that one!

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I would like a very portable Roon core device to take on trips so I don’t have to use my laptop core. It’s only purpose in life would be to run Roon core when away from home.

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