Any plans for convolution and parametric EQ? [Released in Roon v1.3]

Below is a link to the beta version which resolved HQP’s summed channel problem with non-identical R/L convolution filters. Roon and HQP work great now!

Btw, my setup is a 2.2 setup where each subwoofer output is summed R/L.

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I was able to get Roon Server to work with AcourateConvolver in a 2-channel setup by installing the Acourate Convolver on my server in addition to Roon Server. I was then able to go into Roon Audio Setup and enable the ASIO driver for AcourateConvolver. Once I did that, everything I played through Roon used the convolver. This is on a Win12 Server using Audiophile Optimizer in GUI mode. When I get more time, I will see if I can get this to run in Core mode and if it makes an audible difference.


Hi Karl,

great to hear, that Roon works together with AcourateConvolver on your system.

Can you discribe the behaviour, when the sample rate changes between two tracks?
Is it fast and smooth or is their some kind of delay or hiccup when the samplerate changes?

So how about 1.3 @brian is there a chance that convolution will be there? I’ve got a microRendu up and running in squeezelite mode at the moment. Just waiting to switch to Roon…

Here’s what I’d like: either stereo or mono convolution with the ability to use different correction filters with each endpoint. Then I can RC each SBT for it’s own room. That is a real functional add-on.

We are still planning to do this. I don’t have a firm timeline for this work yet. When it becomes more firm, I will update.

Dear All

I’ve been using ConvoFS on my Synology, it supports FLAC only, does work with multiple sample rates, from outputs from Audiolense or Acourate. Unfortunately my Synology 1813+ is not powerful enough to run both ConvoFS and Roon Server at the same time, so my Roon Server is run on a separate PC.

Please refer to for more details.


When playing an album, there is a brief delay (a couple of seconds) as Roon connects to AC and AC starts the convolution process. Once it starts, everything plays normally just like any gapless player. When switching between albums or tracks manually, there is a similar delay of a couple seconds for Roon and AC to sync up again. However, once started, the playback through AC is smooth - there are no drop outs or stuttering and the track begins at the very beginning - not cut off of the first 1-2 seconds. There is no static or pops on my system when switching tracks of different resolutions, including DSD.


I am a huge music listener and a Roon lifer. I also use PS Audio’s DAC as my Roon source so the audio signal is not running out of a Squeezebox to a DAC that has correction built in.

I am not technically savvy enough to fully follow the discussion on convolution or AU/VST but want to use Room Correction. I have used it for the last 10 years ( TacT) before moving to PS Audio.

Is it possible, or eventually likely, that it could be used via PS Audio or other DAC that has Roon incorporation. If so, how would that work?

To use the TacT you’d have to send the signal from Roon to a digital input of the TacT, then to your PS Audio. As you do not tell which TacT and PS Audio model you use it is difficult to know if this would work or how to connect it. You’d not be using a built in Roon RAAT in the PS Audio with this.
Alternatively you can wait for Roon to implement convolution and load room correction filters in Roon. I this scenario you would not be able to use the TacT. You would have to look at Audiolense or Acourate to produce filters (maybe Dirac if Roon and Dirac finds a way to use Dirac filters), but Roon could then send its output directly to your PS Audio.

Thanks Olav.

I no longer have the TacT and use PS Audio Directstream Jr which can manage Roon via Ethernet cable thus it is the latter approach that I seek.

I hope Roon will work in that direction. The former approach is simple to implement with any RC devise like TacT or DSPeaker but RC optimization with a Roon config., like as recently created with Bryston or PS Audio, will be a big and unique value add for / to Roon.

As Brian Luczkiewicz says further up the thread Roon is determined to implement convolution. I use rc myself, at the moment via LMS/BrutefirDRC and a microRendu in squeezelite mode. With a Directstream Jr you are probably even better off than me! The microRendu is also Roon ready so as soon as Roon supports convolution I will start to use Roon. I hope this will happen within the next six months… hopefully that is not too optimistic!

As noted above I’m currently using room correction with Roon via HQ Player to a microRendu as an NAA. HQP has a convilution engine that can apply an impulse response file in WAV format generated in other software (such as Room EQ Wizard). It’s working well for me.

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Yes, that is true. I forgot to mention HQ Player which adds convolution to the chain, but I do not think the Directstream Jr can act as NAA. If Roon support for native convolution takes too long to implement I may go the HQ Player route.

@brian I’d like to add to the wish list of functions an ‘invert’ i.e. phase reversal of channels. This may have nothing to do with DSP or convolution, but is a very important function. The original Devialet remote has a button labled ‘Invert’. On the new remote this has been renamed ‘Tone’. In Configurator this button can be assigned various tasks. Devialet has omitted this in Phantom/Dialog unfortunately.
If enabled, a button should appear somewhere in ‘now playing’. As I have not yet started to use Roon I am not familiar with the UI, but the button should trig an instant flip of absolute phase.

That’s good to hear; however, life would be great for me if I could just use my Acourate FIR filters directly within roon. Going the NAA route as you have done would require another roughly $2k investment on my part since I would need a new (and more powerful) PC, the microRendu, and a license for HQ Player.

I’ve canceled my roon subscription for now and will just continue to listen to local files via JRiver until either convolution support is added to roon or JRiver adds support for TIDAL (not likely).

Congrats on the sweet setup. Cheers.

This resonates so much with me!! I’m on the same boat: using Win Server 2012 machine with JRiver convolving filters generated on Acourate. Would like to switch from JRiver to Roon, but this is a critical point for me. I looked into HQP but it doesn’t work on WS2012, plus it can’t run on a headless machine in core mode, which is what I do.

Please add convolution of filters generated by the user on a different piece of software!


I’m running HQP on WS2012R2 and I think people have run on WS2012 (non R2) with the proper audio codecs installed. I agree that HQP can’t run on a headless machine in core mode and receive Roon input. There is a Linux “embedded” version that can run headless and be configured from a tablet, but it doesn’t receive Roon input over a network.

Thank you Andy.

I’m running WS2012R2 as well. Have you tried the Audiophile Optimizer on it? Highly recommended!!

Interesting that you have HQP running on WS2012R2 when only a few days ago Jussi said it wasn’t supported. Go figure :slight_smile: If the maker isn’t interested, then I’ll choose an alternative path.

Is convolution for multi way filters in your plans?


I think Jussi may have meant that he doesn’t provide Support for Server 2012R2 rather than it can’t run HQP.

I am running AO, but haven’t updated to the latest version. Search the forum for Server2012R2, AO and HQP; there are a number of threads about getting it working.

I use HQP to convolve a room treatment FIR and upsample everything to DSD128 (system details in sig). There’s a room treatment thread in the HQP section where people have displayed their graphs. I mainly used it to iron out some wobbles in the bass. Once you have the FIR in wav format, you load it into HQP (can use different files for L/R) press the convolve button on the menu bar and it all just happens.

I’m not a Roon employee, just a user like you. As you can see further up the thread Brian has indicated convolution is planned (no details yet about when). There is a thread seeking feedback about multichannel support, which is also intended. I haven’t seen reference to multi channel convolution, but I would expect that is likely if both convolution and multichannel are implemented.