Any thought of allowing M1 Macs to run Roon ARC?

As you may know, M1 Macs are able to run a wide variety of iPhone and iPad software. My virtual answering service software, meant for iPhone, runs perfectly on my M1 Mac Mini.

Have you given any thought to allowing M1 Macs to download and run Roon ARC? I take my M1 laptop on the road quite a bit and would love to access my library remotely.


Oops - that said, the voting link leads to an unrelated thread, and I’m suggesting that the iOS client be enabled for download in the Mac App Store for M1 Macs since they are able to run it.

You are assuming that would even work. I’m assuming it is not that simple or they would have done that with the initial release.

You may be right, but why not let the developers (who know for sure) answer it instead of speculating?

This is a great suggestion… once the iPad version is done :slight_smile:

I suspect in its current form the app wouldn’t be all that great to use. But if they move in this direction, as they work on a full screen iPad app, they could get something that works equally well and looks great on both platforms.

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This would be nice to have when I’m working at the office - especially the capability to download my music. However, most people will have their smartphones when away from home, so I doubt if this will be prioritized.