Any way to manage Roon from Linux/Ubuntu?

I spend most of my work day on an Ubuntu machine and I started looking at Roon largely because neither Tidal nor Quobuz have Linux clients. I understand that I can install the Roon Core on Ubuntu but this isn’t really what I want as I have an NUC that acts as my media server.

I gather that I can install “Bridge” on my linux machine however and that will allow me to stream to it. Am I right in saying however that this doesn’t provide any access to the Roon ui? Is there a web interface or something that would allow me to access it through my browser?

Or is there literally no way to use a linux machine a Roon Core elsewhere on the network?

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You can try this script: Running Roon on Linux with Wine

You can ask questions in this thread:

Note: Roon seems to no longer work on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (and probably older).

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Hi @Richard_Howard,

Thank you for getting in touch with your question and welcome to our Roon Community! I see you’ve already met @BlackJack, one of many very knowledgeable Roon Community members.

You can install ROCK, our Linux based OS directly on your NUC. You can find more information on that in this article from our Help Center. I’m not sure if this option is one you would consider if that machine is already set up as a media center. I wanted to mention it however as it’s an approach many of our customers use with NUC.

Many thanks - this looks like what I’m after

As @BlackJack says, there is a script that will set up Roon on Linux. I can confirm that this works well with Ubuntu 20.04.3. I use this to control Roon on a NUC (ROCK.)

I’m pretty certain these are all the steps needed to run Roon.

Download the archive from and extract. Then run the following commands.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install wine winetricks wget wine32 -y
cd ~/Downloads/roon-on-wine-master
chmod +x
sudo ./

PS. You may need to change the startup script, i.e., ~/ depending on your display. With a 1080P monitor, change line 8 to this:

env WINEPREFIX=/home/[user]/my_roon_instance wine /home/[user]/my_roon_instance/'drive_c/users/[user]/Local Settings/Application Data/Roon/Application/Roon.exe' -scalefactor=1.

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@Richard_Howard, if you are just looking to be able to control/play music through your local linux box; A basic option is to put the Roon Bridge on your local linux machine and use install the web controller on your roon core