Anyone willing to coach a total n00b in using the API?

Not a dumb question. Extensions can run on any computer on your local network. It doesn’t need any part of Roon installed, it just needs to be able to communicate with your core. You could get a Raspberry Pi, add it to your network and use it just for running extensions.

It does need node.js installed. Node.js is the framework that runs your JavaScript code inside a persistent server.

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I know this thread has been quiet for several days, but I just wanted to put in my 2 cents in case someone is looking for info and finds this thread: I have Node.js and I am doing some stuff with the Roon API in Windows with no issues at all, works great.

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You may find some tip here:

At least I managed to rune nodejs, and update the latest version of the extension :grinning:

Not dumb at all, was there myself 6 days ago :grinning:

Here is a screenshot RDT from my iPad on my HTPC. That command prompt is moving all the time.
I would assume at some stage this will change in one way or an other. I think that Extention wake up is alpha or maybe beta :wink:

It has already done more than 17000 ping…!!!

I had asked about the pinging in another thread, and then figured it out myself. Here is what I posted in that thread:

Since this is all javascript code, I realized “hey, I can just crack open the code and find where stuff is getting logged to the console”, and sure enough, if found the lines in the lib.js file in the node-roon-api folder. FYI just search for “console.log” in the lib.js file and comment out as you see fit.

I would like to do the same myself with my Theta. They also use RS232 interface. And I suppose you already purchased an RS232 to Ethernet converter as I have done :grinning:

And maybe try to email Denon / Marantz to support RAAT. Which I suppose is hard for them to do as it seems they already made their own standard. Heos or something…

Now, there also exist Ethernet to ir converters. And ir codes for the different gear is quite public available I think.

So maybe the “right” or best direction is to make a Roon universal ir transmitter ?
Quite equal to that Logitech universal remote that cover almost the whole world of ir remotes. It requires you to login to internet and configure your remote.

Understand where I’m headed?

Now, how about Roon connect with Logitech and ask to interact with their database, is that one possible direction ?

Or alternatively we need a Roon API that transmits ir codes.
Is that easy to do ?

Or can you think of a way around using airplay ?
(RAAT support airplay)

Has someone already invented a universal airplay to ir coverter ?

Maybe email these guys ?
Ops. Someone already asked;

Have you seen this:

I think there you need either to use a Roon Brigde or a MicroRendu or similar.

Since your AVR seems to have airplay, it may has a RJ45 interface with DNLA. Have you investigated that route ? What is your Denon model ?

Are you saying you have full access to Jan’s code, so if you have the knowledge, you can copy and edit it if you like ?

I am no expert, but what I am saying is that all this stuff that runs in Node.js is JavaScript, and easily editable. Just look through the downloaded Roon API stuff, all JavaScript (and some json)

He has, and so have you :slight_smile: . All of my code is in the zip file you downloaded. But the messages that fill up the command window are not from my code, they are from the underlying Roon API code.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do: Use a RPi Roon Bridge, but have Roon control the AVR’s input source and volume controls.

Controlling the AVR through IR commands definitely seems like the long way around. My AVR accepts IP commands directly through its Ethernet connection, so it seemed like having Roon issue these commands directly over Ethernet would be the most direct route. Now I just need to find some time to install a Linux virtual machine and teach myself JavaScript!

Model ?
AirPlay ?

the Roon Devialet Expert Extension does this already, and can easily be modified to support your Denon. It’ll still require some programming skills, but it doesnt require you to start from scratch.

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Yes, it supports Airplay.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

But what happens if you attach that Denon to your network, and goes into Roon audio settings?

Does it not show up ?

I guess you already found the app for control it, so you should be very close to your goal ?
Maybe that app appears as a widget as well ?

Yes, it works fine with AirPlay on Zone 1, but:

  1. Roon remote cannot turn on or control Zone 2 and Zone 3.
  2. AirPlay is not RAAT.

This is something I don’t know, but if you start playing with those available DNLA \ UPnP servers like Bubble or the MPD / DLNA Renderer, will that maybe take you any further ? (Preinstalled in SonicOrbiter)

Yes, it’s not RAAT. But are there really any sonic differences in you system between different protocols…

Assuming you are using the RJ45 interface, and not a MicroRendu or similar.

Also if you where able to build a Roon Extention fulfilling what you want, it would still not or maybe never ? show up as a zone you could select, right? (Like you can with the other selections from Roon audio setting. You have to use the Roon Extention menu)

Does the Denon app offer you zone selection?

I read your posts one more time. No need to answer this one :grinning:

I’m working my way through the Roon API introduction and tutorial here:

I would suggest one addition for those who are completely new to this: In addition to installing Node.js, you also (apparently) need to

  1. Install Git or Github,
  2. On Windows, make sure the location of Git is added to your PATH environment variable.
  3. restart your command prompt

I would post more specific instructions, but I’m not sure the way I did it was correct/optimal.