App-triggered Endpoint and Roon Remote Questions

Hi there

I have two questions. I would like to power on my preamplifier, via an app managed Roon endpoint, which would then trigger my power amp. Currently the preamp triggers on the power amp via a 12V mini jack cable. Is there a a Roon endpoint that (i) can be switched on via the Roon app, and (ii) has a 12V mini jack OUT to trigger external devices?

The second question is on accessing my music library remotely - say, while at work or travelling. If I set up a Roon Core at home, is it possible to access it remotely via the Roon app? How would that work? Do I need to access the core or the endpoint at home?

As always, many thanks for any advice.



No and no…that said both have been touted around before and have posts here and there…first in #audio-products under ropieee and second in #tinkering.

If the amp has IR control then you could look at using the Harmony Hub - Deep Harmony extension to control power from Roon.

With regards to trigger out and Roon endpoint:
Gato PRD-3S has a trigger out
ELAC DDP-2 as well
If they have Wake on Lan you can easily start them remotely