Apple Music and/or Spotify as Roon sources

That would be awesome. I hope so. I really want to see Apple Music in Roon.


There’s an API, it’s just not got all the detail Roon would need to be comparable to what they have from Qobuz or Tidal.

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Ah, must have misread. Added it when I started using BluOS and fiddled with the service integrated for a couple of days. Was not a fan of their native iOS apps so just let the trial expire.

Now you’ve made me curious of what I missed :slight_smile:

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Lol if you weren’t a fan of their iOS app, you are in for a laugh at their BluOS integration.

But as I mentioned, the fact that 3rd party integration exists suggests there is the tiniest hope that API could be improved/developed for Roon integration. Tiny weeny hope.

But if Amazon go the route of ‘Amazon Connect’ and slam 3rd party integration shut (like Spotify Connect) then that door slams shut for Roon too.

I’m also expecting Amazon apps to significantly improve this year with Apple and Spotify HiFi news… it’s been lacking for a while but I imagine there is a new urgency that wasn’t there last year.

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Wouldn’t it be great and time for an integration of Apple Music into Roon? Especially since the introduction of Apple Lossless music on its entire library.


Apple will probably never let it happen. They want to lock you into their sound sphere.

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Not so sure about that. In the Steve Jobs era, yes. But since then Apple has opened up parts of their ecosystem to 3rd party hardware manufacturers such as Sonos, and if they really want to give Spotify/Tidal a run for their money, it would make sense to let anyone integrate with their API. Only time will tell, but personally I’d be delighted to see Apple Music integration in Roon, as the Apple One subscription is about the same price per month as Tidal alone, including apple tv+ and icloud storage. Not a bad deal pricewise.


Hasn’t this been done to death ?

I believe the decision for integration is with Apple . Not joking but are 250,000 users even vaguely interesting to Apple

I think @danny has already pronounced on the subject

Indeed imagine the sleepless night Tim Cook has worrying about us Roon users.

Having said that though how interested is Joe Bloggs in lossless. Whereas I presume close to 100% of Roon users would be. Also it’s a nice fit I’d imagine nice shiny Roon expensive ready hifi kit.

I’d put it in the unlikely in tray however.


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The problem for us Roon users is, that we only have an integration of Tidal and / or Qobuz.
The big players Apple and Amazon can easily sell the subs at a cheap price, since they make a lot of money with other parts of their business - Qobuz and Tidal only rely on selling music subs - making it more difficult to survive on cheaper subs.

So we can only hope that these smaller services can survive, otherwise Roon and streaming could also run into problems. As Roon is concentrating a lot on streaming, it needs more partners - yet the big players don’t need Roon…


Sonos is probably the only exception, and that is because there are millions of them out there (~6M), and it actually benefits Apple. Nothing else benefits them.

They have started I think. The other week I opened the Tidal app and “got an offer” to reduce price fo 1 Year

South Africa already tends to have lower subscription prices than say the UK or US , I assume we are perceived “third” world country. So we pay R 120 for Tidal (= $8.5) , this offer was to drop to R 90 ( $6) for a 12 month period.

I took it and my next payments was R 90, not complaining .

Equally I just checked Apple and Spotify they want R 60 ($4) at the moment , so the heat is on. It depends a lot I suppose if we pay more for Hi Res/CD services

Can I suggest we park the “pro/con” perspectives on Apple and just pause to think about the implications of yesterday’s announcement for all of us who want all the advantages of Roon and high quality streaming in order to really enjoy and discover more music? The entry of both Amazon and now Apple into Hi Res (and Dolby Atmos) is going to be a game changer in terms of taking these formats into mainstream - so CD will become the minimum standard for everyone - and HiRes will become easier and likely less expensive for many more to try (Amazon already abandoned its price premium for HD in the UK). So the strategic challenge here for Roon is how to react? The team could stay with what could become increasingly niche players like Tidal and Qobuz - or they could endeavour to link with the big players. There is a win win here - in terms of the added value that Roon brings to customers of music streaming services and encouraging them to discover more about their music, and more music. I for one hope that alliances become part of the future to benefit all of us…


Bottom line is if you want to use Apple or Amazon or Spotify/deezer etc etc you can just wont work in the roon ecosystem.

I find no issues with my Roon Endpoints (Ropieee and Lumin) working fine with apps outside of Roon.

Get over it folks, Roon is not the end of the world for music streaming even if its my main go to there are options outside of Roon.

To the big players, Roon, at present, adds almost nothing of value. They have about 100,000 subscribers. Both Apple and Amazon have roughly 70,000,000 subscribers (maybe more now). If every Roon user was added to one of the other services, that is only a 0.1428% addition in subscribers. I’m sure it would be lower than that as many Roon users probably already subscribe to Amazon or Apple.

Roon is a niche service. IMHO, a great one, but still niche just the same.

Believe this is strictly for apps in iOS/macOS and not for external internet services.

If anything like that happened , I would be a rest of my life subscriber to Apple Music

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Unless one of the big boys wants to buy Roon because of their superior ecosystem.