Are all NUCs supported by ROCK?

Are all nucs supported by ROCK?

The list of supported NUCs is here.

So the NUC8i7BEH is the best one to get?

That is the NUC I have for ROCK; whether it is the best or not depends on criteria, but it is currently the most powerful option, and works great for me.

That’s what I have too. But you might want to take a look at what @simon_pepper tested on an i3 version, List Your NUC Capabilities Here, starting around post 12.
They are surprisingly powerful. I’m still a person who ‘buys up’ when it comes to computers, but his information is quite persuasive. If you don’t have a huge library and/or don’t do lot’s of DSP to multiple zones, the i7 might be overkill.

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What does supported mean? I’m assuming any nuc would work since I’ve made 2 MOCKs.
Does supported mean “guaranteed to work” and any other nuc is probably fine but Roon just hasn’t tested them?

" Any hardware configurations other than the above are unsupported . Although they may work now, they may also stop working at any time due to updates."

So paint outside the lines at your own peril.

So it’s either the NUC8i3BEH or the NUC8i7BEH.
According to @simon_pepper the i3 is just as good as the i7.
hmmmm…what to do.

… perhaps hedge your bets and go 8i5 ??? I went 8i7 understanding it was overkill, but not much more cost and safest option to future proof against future releases requiring more horsepower…

Well, that’s not exactly true. In the two comparisons, the i3 did everything it was asked. We never got to the point that we found what would ‘break’ one and not the other. May not matter in your case, but just sayin’.
You really need to assess your needs now, and importantly, think about how the needs may grow. If you’re the kind of person that is always pushing things, has a big library, and wants to explore lots of convolution-based digital signal processing (in more than one room), the more powerful machine is better suited to you. If all of that stuff makes your eyes glaze over, the 8i3 is plenty. As I think about it, I haven’t heard a Roon ROCK user say ‘Boy, I really messed up and should have gotten the 8i7’.
I think these decisions are more a feature of our psyche… :wink: But it sort of sounds like there isn’t a bad decision here for you.

Excellent points. Plus since this device is going to be running 24x7 you might want to include power consumption when deciding. I went with the NUC8i3. When idle, it just sips 4 watts of AC.

I ordered the NUC8i7BEH. It’ll be here Wednesday.


Have you scanned the installation guide here? The section that instructed to switch the BIOS to legacy-mode and then set the bootable drive saved me from a lot of potential frustration.

Thanks! Fortunately I’m a career IT nerd. But I didn’t know that that change in the bios was required. Right now I’m just running a Mock on an AMD based platform.

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