Artist Alabama 3 appearing from nowhere

Roon told me I had some music by a band called Alabama 3 who i’d never heard of.
When I clicked on play artist, it played Keith Jarrett’s album La Scala.

The album has 3 tracks/ pt1, pt2 and somewhere over the rainbow.

EP’s and CD singles can be quite hard to ID 100%. Often there are other CD’s that have same track numbers and times. Recently some changes were made in Roon ID that made this much, much better. Some may still get through with the wrong ID.

Use the identify album option to check if Roon also sees the correct album. If so, then select.

If not, then edit album to use tag data.

What I have done before is FOCUS + TRACK COUNT to show all 3,4,5 tracks albums and just take a look at validate that they are correct.

I’d be interested to see the tags on this album. Can you select a file, click File Info, then File Tags, and post a screenshot?

I also have this Mike but not quite the same result. It gets the right ID, tracks etc but the ID also contains Alabama3 which I believe is a database issue.

One for @jer perhaps.

If you go to the allmusic website and input la scala and then go to credits you get main performer as A3 which is most likely where this is coming from.
I have a similar issue with an Oirish folk group Foster and Aallen showing up on an Echo and the Bunnymen album. I don’t think AI is quite there yet!


Well spotted. Odd that A3 doesn’t pull through into the Roon credits though.

I have seen Alabama 3 for some other album.
Will send it tonight.

Thanks guys – I can reproduce. Looking into it.

Well, that was pretty straightforward:

We’re going to report this back to the source, guys. Expect it to be a few weeks for the data to be corrected at the source, then ingested into our database, and then finally filtered down to your install.

Thanks all!

Well, that was pretty straightforward!
excellent support, many thanks indeed.

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Mine was La Scala, too.
No other.

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I have this one, too.

What I don’t understand is that even when I went into the edit function, wrote “Keith Jarrett” as the artist, and changed the metadata preferences to save the “file” name for the artist, Roon wouldn’t save the changes and kept referring to “Alabama 3”. I only got Alabama 3 to disappear by telling Roon to totally ignore the entire database and just use my data.

There are some subtle distinctions here, which I described in some detail here.