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Can anyone tell me how to change credited artists on an album? In my case it has got the wrong James Morrison, I’m after the brass musician not the singer songwriter. This is in my local collection.


Roon Labs has credited the wrong James Morrison here. They should change this in their master Roon database, but in the meantime, you should be able to change it locally.

Click the “3 dots” icon on the album page, and choose the “Edit” option.


That opens the Album editor where you choose the “EDIT ALBUM” tab. In the PRIMARY ARTIST LINKS section, click the blue James Morrison link to turn it red (i.e. remove it), then click the “+ Add primary artist link”.

Search for “James Morrison”, and with luck you should get both of them listed.

Choose the correct one and save your album edit.

PS - if you have a “John Morrison” listed in your credits (probably on drums or as producer) then this is also wrong, but unfortunately Roon doesn’t seem to know more than one John Morrison…

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Additionally, you might have to do this at the track level as well.

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This is now fixed on our servers though it will take up to a week for the metadata to be pulled into your library.

FYI, the James Morrison credits now point to this artist on MusicBrainz.

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Thanks so much for that. I’m still trying to get my head around how all the metadata works.

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