Audio playback on iPad?

Love the app, HOWEVER, I really want the iPad to act as an endpoint. If the Onkyo HF app can do interface between the iPad and do HiRes I am assuming Roon can do it as well. I was really hoping for the Roon App to be able to do this in order to use a small device like the iPad for Headphone listening. The Surface 3 remains a viable option for me.

Not sure if this is a limitation of the iPad but I can play music through the roon app on my android device. Have you checked the available zones that you have? On the Android app it appears as “this tablet”


Private zones off the iPad await RoonSpeakers.

Moving this here, since I’m sure this will come up again.

Right now, the iPad app works as a remote for any audio zones connected directly to your main Roon install.

Audio playback on iOS will come along with RoonSpeakers, which is in active development now.

On non-windows platforms, a few critical parts of our audio stack run out-of-process. This is required for stable playback on those platforms.

iTunes store restrictions prohibit this approach. The Google play store has no such rules. This is the reason why Android remotes get private zones and iOS remotes do not.

This has historically been a tricky problem, and moving components out-of-process is the best solution from a technical standpoint. We may be able to fix this in the future, but given what I know about the issue, it’s hard to say for sure what’s possible until we have it working.

RoonSpeakers sort of fixes the problem because it would be a separate app. It’s a really heavyweight way to move the audio stack out of process. It’s not an elegant solution compared to what we can do on Android.

Another unfortunate consequence of the walled garden, I’m afraid.

Could this threads title be updated to say, “Audio playback on iOS, iPod, iPad, and iPhone?”

Second, what is stopping Roon from having RoonCore provide the processing heavy lifting and then using a standard audio steaming protocol which is iOS friendly? You could easily communicate that the Virtual DAC for iOS support offers much lower quality then a Roon DAC. I think users already are familiar with Apple hardware not being high-end in terms of audio quality, (see Dragonfly).

I am curious if Brain could share what processes need to be done outside the app. Maybe there are community iOS and Swift developers might know work around a using Metal, Core, or other iOS APIs.

I think that this feature is very much appreciated by users like myself who have kids that want to access the family music library on iPod Touches, etc. On a nice weekend like this one I want to listen to my audio library on my iPhone while doing yard work, etc. I’m not looking for a stunning Hi-Fi experience. :slight_smile:


Version 9.3 of the iPeng app now enables play from Roon as a Squeezebox server. You must purchase the iPeng app ($8.99) and the in app Play upgrade ($4.99) and enable Squeezebox support in Roon. This is a third-party app not a Roon implementation, but it is working well for me.

Agree, see Can iPeng make the iPad a Roon endpoint? [Yes. Implemented in iPeng 9.3]