B1159 (Android) not available in Google Play Store [Resolved]

Is that on purpose that Remote B1159 is not available in Google Play (while ARC has just upgraded yesterday to version 1.0.5, build 100081)?

Any way (other than APK) to pull the newest Remote version?

If you are on early access you need to join beta in the app store.
See below:

I did that for both Remote and ARC, there is an info about beta testing visible in both apps’ details.
But only ARC was updated. Any idea why?

Remote is still on 2.0 (build 1149) earlyaccess

Not sure, does the details section of your installed Roon remote app say “You’re a beta tester”?
When I did it took a few minutes to “refresh” the track and the update eventually showed up.
You might try reinstalling the app and see what happens.

I have the same actually, both apps in Play Store show that I’m in beta but ARC update arrived and remote did not. I had this going on for a while even before earlyaccess was public.

I thought I read somewhere to uninstall APK beta installs and reinstall the beta from the Play Store, to get further updates from the store. However, I did that yesterday because I didn’t want to do APK all the time, but remote is still only showing 1149

So, in summary, I don’t know if there is an issue for some people at least, but it seems possible

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It says that I’m a beta tester and that next updates will include beta versions. Exactly like with ARC.

Reinstallation didn’t help :frowning:

I started from Play Store, never used APKs for those two apps, but result is the same.

The announcement for public earlyaccess did have this part. Been 5 days and 3 work days or so, possibly they are still sorting through issues:

It should go live in the next few hrs. We were waiting for the Play store review…


New version has just arrived :slight_smile:

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Available in Germany, many thanks

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For me, in the Netherlands, still not available. I am now completely unable to use Roon.

You can always download the APKs manually from here and install manually: