B1218 Changes to Qobuz and Roon integration

So this is the Qobuz portal as a ‘Qobuz Member’

I can browse the new releases, new playlists, discover new music.
And then I can choose to purchase material and add it to my Library.

However, I don’t have a streaming service associated with my Qobuz Membership
I pay for Tidal, which provides much of the same access but not always.
Hence I want to browse Qobuz for material not available on Tidal, and potentially included in Roon currated Playlists.

Why can I now not have this type of access in Roon?

With the latest Early Access builds I now get this and a Red box warning me about my Qobuz account.

I can’t afford to subscribe to both Tidal Hifi and Qobuz Streaming services.

And not everyone wants to be totally dependent on just Streaming Services for their music content. And isn’t it about giving the customer the ability to choose how and where they source their music?

But Roon is also a tool for Discovery.

Either Discovery within your own library, but also want is available.

Whether this is through a subscribed service or through a shop window front arrangement, with the option to purchase, this is still a valid user case.

Are you saying that a Qobuz account without a paid subscription can no longer access any Qobuz info via Roon? If so, that is a disappointment.

Already discussed in the other thread, dunno why we need a new one

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Because the issue was referencing a specific build and not the general removal of functionality from the overall product.

Yes, even with a valid Qobuz Membership Account, Roon will no-longer show you what’s available from Qobuz
And they do have different material to Tidal and different formats.
Not enough to warrant two subscriptions though.

But the answer applied generally, unless you can convince them of course. The context would have been helpful