Backing up Nucleus internal storage

I have a Nucleus with 2TB of storage and am ripping my CDs to it, I am up to about 1TB. I have worked out how to back up my Roon data and preferences but do not know how to back up the internal drive that was fitted into the Nucleus. Sure I am just being dum but can’t find a guide on how to do it! Thanks Peter

Lets go for dum and dummer. How do you rip cds to your internal drive?

dBpoweramp CD Ripper

I think previous suggestions have been to back it up over the network to either a nas or drive attached to a pc.

If you know how to get files on it, you know how to get files off it :rofl:
Alternatively, when you copy a folder to the Nucleus, also copy it to a backup location.

Hi, I get files onto it by drawing and dropping using the Roon Nucleus software/ system and have not found a way of seeing my 2TB ssd drive in the Nucleus. I can duplicate but it would be much easier if the Roon does backups, which is what I am trying to find!! P

The Backup function in Roon is solely for the Roon database; there is no built-in backup function for the music files themselves.

There is afeature request for this, but nothing has been announced by Roon Labs thus far.

Most of us are using third-party solutions to backup the music files over the network.

You say that you have not found a way of seeing your SSD drive in your Nucleus? If you’ve got a PC running Windows, then it should be visible in the Windows File Explorer, e.g. for my NUC running ROCK:


Thanks so much for this, very clear and hope Roon do extend their backup to include music files. I run on Apple but have followed your advice and found the files on my Nucleus and am backing them up now. Again thanks for helping a beginner .

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Can you explain in detail how you are able to rip CD’s to your internal hard disk on the NUC? Can it be done with a an Apple or only with Windows using DBPoweramp?

DBPoweramp is Apple Mac compatible: rip the CD to your desktop, then drag-drop the folder to the Rock/NUC Storage folder.

Ok. I guess you mean accessing the drive the way it’s described here:

Via SMB?

When I said detail that’s the kind of detail I was looking for, but never mind.

Hi, I don’t think I can help, this is way above my pay grade and my Roon
Nucleus has been returned as I could not made to work properly. All a bit
sad as it looked like it had potential but I don’t think they have mastered
storage in the Nucleus and I am back to Zone Ripper. Good luck! Peter