Backup on Roon 1.4 (Build 294) and restore on a ROCK fresh install

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to install Rock on a NUC7I7BNH. Before I used Rock / Roon 1.4 (build 294) on another hardware. I made a backup that I try to restore on NUC with the “factory” version of Rock / Roon 1.3 (Build 223). I have the impression that Roon does not see my backup on my USB key. What do I need to restore my DB and my previous Roon configuration ? @support thank you in advance for your answer. dp

Can you not update Roon before you restore your backup? Not certain that is the problem but has to be worth a try.

I just did something pretty similar. I installed ROCK on the same NUC you have but I did my restore of the database after the ROCK/ROON were upgraded to the latest version. I restored from a folder shared on my network not from a USB drive.

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