Backup question again

Not so skilled in this area so I need some help.

I have ROCK on a NUC with wired connection to my Powernode.
My musicfiles are stored on a USB-drive connected to the NUC.

The Problem for me is that I would like to backup my musicfiles to my Synology DS218J and keep them in sync.
I can backup my ROON library to the NAS but I would like to also backup the musicfiles.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Thank you in advance.


Working to the forum, @Goran_Wall!

Create a file share on your NAS to store the backups. Then go to Roon > Settings > Backups > Scheduled Backups and click View and then Add.

In the drop down you should see the file share. Select this and browse and/ or create a new folder.

You can’t run backup software under ROCK and ROCK doesn’t provide that function for your music files.

You’ll need software running on another device (PC/Mac or maybe(?) NAS) to do your music backups. There’s no way around that.

Doh! Misread your question on my mobile. @xxx is correct.

ROCK should run rsync daemon. At least one could back up music files to a linux box (which include most NAS boxes)

Yeah, don’t speak Linux.

Are you saying that ROCK can run rsync or that it should be changed to allow rsync?

To connect to ROCK doing a backup from another Linux machine, ROCK needs to run some sort of host code to connect to. As ROCK is linux it would be logical to use rsync, but maybe it’s already running something else like cifs? I don’t use ROCK so I wouldn’t know, but I’ve seen the rsync suggestion before.

So yes, I think ROCK should be changed to support rsync.

I think the problem with rsync might be that there is no interface to run it natively on a ROCK machine and to supply one would seem to go against Roon’s philosophy about having ROCK and Nucleus machines be appliance-like

I suppose one answer would be to SSH into ROCK to accomplish that, but at this time ROCK doesn’t accept SSH calls.

So, dunno.

Maybe ROCK software, and for that matter Nucleus software, could be updated to have the capability to automagically backup music files that are referenced in Settings==>Storage.

However, I wouldn’t wait on that solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Without SSH capabilites, maybe an extension project for some curious/ambitious user?


If you want the extras install Linux and Roon Server. If you want an appliance use ROCK.

Agreed, but then one loses the appliance natore of ROCK.

Judging from my experiences with RoonServer, in the past week, I’m comtemplating a ROCK solution. Maybe as a VM.

Which is what I do today. I use rsync for backup between various Linux boxes.

It’s old school, but since your music drive is USB, you can always just unplug from the NUC, plug into the Synology, and then let the DSM software on Synology duplicate the USB Drive to a backup folder. Every time after that, when the USB drive is connected to the Synology, you can run a sync.

Depending on how often you add music, this could just be a monthly activity, bi-weekly, or weekly. Not as automated, but we are talking about a backup.

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Sure, that is a way to do it. Can’t do it automatically, as you say, but it is backup. I keep a USB drive off site and bring it home from time-to-time to sync over the storage area of my main NUC. Just in case…

Thank you all.
I guess I have to do it the old way by connecting my usb-disk to the nas manually.


I believe ROCK exposes a smb share /Data within which a folder Storage will contain your USB disk (locally mounted). Mounting this with smb to your Synology will allow you to do backup. Maybe first do the full file copy with the USB disk directly attached to the Synology (as any file share over network is slow-ish), then do refreshes on the network/smb share later. Roon keeps very informative Knowledge Bases.