Bad French radio link "OUI FM 102.3"

Good evening,

I have just started my Roon trial period and I am trying to listen to my favorite radio station, unfortunately a message indicates that the internet address no longer exists!

It is the French radio “OUI FM 102.3”, which broadcasts in 192 kbps with the Naim application which I use with my Naim equipment without problem.

Can you fix this problem please?

thank you for your comeback

Good evening @Bandi92 , I have updated the URL for OUI FM. Try now

EDIT. The other OUI channels needed updating too.

EDIT2. I see there are a number of OUI channels we haven’t added. I’ll add them tomorrow.

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Hi Brian,

Super, it works well :+1:
Thanks for your prompt action !

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Bienvenue Daniel !
I see that artist name and titles are not displayed anymore on Oui FM stations.
Maybe it’s temporary (could be a bug on their side). I’ll check later and try to find an alternative metadata source if needed.

Merci Rémi!

Correct, the names of the artists and the titles have never been displayed on OUI FM (same when using the Naim app), if you find an alternative, that would be great!

I’ve added the rest of the OUI stations.

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Thanks Brian :+1:

I’ve found a metadata source for OUI FM and connected it to Roon: Roon Exclusive: Live Radio metadata for 90+ stations incl. BBC, Radio France, FLAC radios and more - #23 by alec_eiffel


If you have a streaming service enabled, Roon will automagically identify artist and track on the Now Playing screen, with clickable links.

Do you also need metadata with the other OUI FM stations?

Hi Rémi

Super! Thanks for your reactivity :slightly_smiling_face: I will check this evening.
No necessary by my side to have metadata with the other OUI FM stations

It works good, perfect!

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