BBC Radio 2 soon gone on Roon?

Which stream URL are you using?

I’ve searched the interweb but can’t find anything at the moment. If anybody finds out more, please post.

the 128kbps mp3 stream

Okay that’s not a BBC URL. It’s via I assume you can’t use the AAC feeds in Germany?

this is what I get

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ah - exactly. This is the message I heard:

Starting Thursday 4th March devices that are still connecting to the old URLs will hear this message once an hour:

“The way your device receives BBC radio programmes will stop working on or after the 22nd March 2021. If you’re using an internet radio or smart speaker, please contact the device manufacturer.”

This is to ensure that any remaining legitimate usage is identified and updated.

On the 22nd March, devices will receive a looping message of:

“BBC radio programmes are no longer available on this device. Please contact the device manufacturer for further information.”

I think you need to switch to the AAC feed.

Will do. I used to have the HQ stream from BBC, but since I had to change the DNS to google for Roon to work better / quicker, I am stuck with the lower quality stream. Ah well, guess one cannot have everything

I think the AAC is comparable or better than the MP3.

Usually, the stream is restricted based on your IP. You could try Cloudflare to see if that helps. and

I’ve switched the mp3 stream to another, non which I’m hoping should be OK.

Seems to be on all BBC streams - let’s hope theres’ a workaround, or Roon can work with the BBC to resolve it

I’ll try and work with Roon to change the local ones, but I will do the main ones today.
I wanted to test the radio 2 stream first to see if OK. I’ve played it for a while and no problems.

Thanks- but the announcemt is only a bout once an hour. So will have to wait and see if it is ok

Looking at the raw stream, I can see a text announcement on the old one, and not on the new, so I’m hopeful.

Same announcement on the BBC Radio 4 livestream.

I’ve now changed BBC Radios 1, 1 extra, 2, 3, 4 , 4 LW, 4 extra, 5, 5 live sports, 6 Music, Wales, World Service.

There are many local stations and I’ll see if Roon can change these automatically.


All updated now I believe.


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