Beginner - HQPlayer setup

Without having that particular one to test with, I would assume yes.

I would say not with the DAC corrections. But without, likely it would work with at least some settings. My M1Max 32 GB works at DSD512 using default filters and ASDM7EC-light modulator. And has a bit of spare. So maybe at least with ASDM7EC-ul?

Maybe someone here has such machine and can confirm?

(just restating it here with everything together) My M1 is an early model, 4 performance and 4 efficiency cores, 16GB RAM. It handles poly-sinc-gauss-xla/poly-sinc-gauss-hires-lp filters, ASDM7EC-light modulator, and Holo Spring 2 DAC corrections, to 48k x256 == DSD256, adaptive rate, leaving a bit of headroom but not enough for ASDM7EC-super. Your proposed M2 Pro is quite a bit more machine than mine.

I have the same, but it is already almost fully loaded with default filters and without DAC corrections. And it has some challenges when source is DSD (especially DSD256).

My M1Max 32 GB has much more spare and can do DSD256 with corrections. And DSD512, but only without corrections.

If my planned future developments work out, the DAC correction feature’s load will increase in future. IOW, more calculations → higher load.

I bought the M2 Pro. It is an Apple Refurbished. The other good supplier in London is Hoxton Macs. I’ll see how it goes. Worst outcome I have a better Mac for daily use, my office unit is an M1 16gb, but it’s loaded with lots of business stuff.

Many thanks for your help and to @jussi_laako, I’ll try the filers you suggested and the corrections and see how things go.

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The miracle was that I got it up and running in test mode in a few minutes. I have a dedicated music VLAN and the good thing is that my QNAP that runs Roon Server works on both networks just by plugging in ethernet cables to two ports on the switch that are on the different networks.

I’m using your settings and realised I had to set DSD to default in the output. Otherwise PCM defaults to 384k.

A couple of things:

  1. Is there a preferred setting for PCM dither?
  2. How do you load DAC corrections? Nothing in the manual and there’s just a list on the website

Many thanks again

Two hours later … Roon was stopping every 30 minutes or so. Stopped Roon Server on the QNAP and installed it on the Mac Mini M2 Pro and moved everything to one network. Roon seems much more responsive. Was a little surprised given my QNAP TS-473 was the Roon recommended version.

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Depends on the output rate and type of the DAC. Generally TPDF or Gauss1 is good for many cases.

For R2R type DACs (real PCM DACs), LNS15 or NS9 is good choice for >= 352.8k output rates.

When potentially compatible DAC is detected, it appears under matrix configuration in HQPlayer. There’s the correction post-processing plugin, and there you can select the correct DAC. To enable the correction you need to enable both the matrix processor overall and the DAC correction plugin as well.

Many thanks. I found an online reference to the fact that Correction pops up only when your DAC is identified.

I enabled the DAC plugin, but don’t understand about enabling the matrix processor overall. Is there something else to press? Can’t see anything in the manual about it.

I’m using an R2R DAC (Holo May), everything is going to DSD256.

Many thanks for that. Hi, enable the correction as you indicated at 2. what your screenshot shows is that you have to give the profile a name and enable it, which I didn’t do.

The manual seems to be very good from a technical perspective, but perhaps could do with a five page guide for dummies on how you get the thing up and running and why you might want to change certain settings, with details of the setting options remaining in the detailed manual. It’s a difficult thing to do and most people either don’t bother or fail.

Remember the “Enabled” check box near top left corner of the matrix dialog…


That’s what I didn’t do !!!