Best cable to connect laptop to streamer

(Ged) #21

Ahhhh that’s like asking who shot JFK!
They are all the same as long as well made. Amazon basics, belkin etc.


Any cable, whether Ethernat or USB or whatever, that is up to spec is more than adequate.

I have a mixture of the cheapest AudioQuest cable and BlueJeans cable. BlueJeans cable will custom make your cables to length, etc.

I have bought cables from Amazon suppliers that have not been up to spec. I’ve had trouble with both HDMI, the most egregious, and with Ethernet cable over 25 ft.

(Dan Brown) #23

I resemble that remark!! @ged_hickman1 :slightly_smiling_face:

(Peter Jones) #24

Thanks for your replies. I’ve gone with UGREEN. I presume they’ll be more than adequate?


(Peter Jones) #25

Haha. Hope I haven’t opened a can of worms!

(Peter Jones) #26

Me again!
I’ve connected my laptop to my CXN streamer via ethernet, everything seems OK. How do I connect roon to my CXN?



(Peter Jones) #27

Don’t worry, I’ve worked it out!!

(Peter Jones) #28

Hi Mike,
I’ve connected via ethernet. All seems fine, but I don’t get any artwork on the CXN. Did you have any problems?


(Peter Jones) #29

Another question I’m afraid. What is an RPI?

(Ged) #30

Raspberry Pi.
A little hobbyists computer that has been used in everything you can think of that computer geeks can get up to. Including HiFi.
You can buy add on boards, for example, that plug onto the Pi and make it into a very good roon network streamer and DAC. All for £100 or less.
Quite a few high priced commercial products have a Pi inside surrounded by refined power supplies and casework.

(Peter Jones) #31

Thanks for the reply!

(Ged) #32

Just in case you ever have a dull evening and need some reading.

(Peter Jones) #33

Thanks Ged.

(Mike O'Neill) #34

It depends on how it’s connecting

Roon will see CXN as an Airplay speaker, it will downrate everything to 44/16 but you will get artwork

If you have amn intermediary device then to the CXN D1 input you’ll get native hi res with no conversion but no artwork

It’s the proverbial rock and hard place

How have you connected your router and ethernet

(Peter Jones) #35

My router is a Virgin Media superhub… Ethernet from laptop to router, Ethernet from router to CXN

(Mike O'Neill) #36

There must be some funny with router

Mine does

PC - Router - extension cable - switch -CXN

Which is much the same,

Roon to CXN via AirPlay gives artwork, I’ll check again

That will downscale everything to 44/16 yes

(Peter Jones) #37

I’ve got both a USB connection direct to the CXN and Ethernet via my router. Both work fine but no artwork from either on the CXN.

Talking about USB audio. I’ve installed the CA USB 2.0 driver on my laptop as per their instructions, but when I switch to USB 2.0 on the CXN, silence. Anybody had the same issue? USB 1.0 works fine.

(Ged) #38

Having both connected may be confusing things, try just the Ethernet.

(Peter Jones) #39

Seems to be working now.

(Peter Jones) #40

I mean, album art showing on the CXN via Ethernet.