Best Chillout Albums

K&D Sessions - Kruder and dorfmeister
Nightmares on wax - all of them really
another late night - again most of them
back to mine - again most of them
Schmoov - while you wait
groove armada - vertigo
rae & Christian - northern sulphuric soul
weekend players - pursuit of happiness
café del mar - chill out
zero 7 - simple things
Thieverry corporation - any
fila brazilia - any
Nitin sawhney - beyond skin
Aim - any
St Germain. any
Spooky - Open

many many more if you like.

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A few off the top of my head:

Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden
Mark Hollis - Mark Hollis (follow-up to Spirit of Eden)
Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas, Four Calendar Cafe, Milk & Kisses … +
Lily & Madeleine - Keep it together

One World and Solid Air are not to be missed. I had the great pleasure of seeing him in concert several times, including once when Tracy Chapman was his support act, a week or so before she had that little spot on Live Aid.

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D.J Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz

The definitive chill album.

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Digging this. Thanks for recommendation


And thanks people for the recommends.
keep it coming!

Mono - Formica blues
Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge

The Starseeds - both albums
cappuccino lounge series

Since no one’s mentioned this yet…


I really must remember this topic and start working my way through it. Bearing in mind I already like about half of what’s listed here, but don’t know the other half, it stands to reason there are some new gems to be discovered. :slight_smile:

If only we could just say to Roon ‘Add everything above that you can find on Tidal and add community chillout tag’… take the fun out of it I guess.

Edit: Now had a thorough work through! Found lots, listened to quite a few, others couldn’t find on Tidal. Have added quite a bit of new music to my collection, thanks to all concerned.

I’ve added a few of my own to this list (some might be a bit borderline for chillout, but…):

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for me the definitive chillout album is K&D sessions kruder and dorfmeister, but there are so many variations and options depending on the mood

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Theres also the Café del Mar series and the Hotel Costes series

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A few picked up from this list (thanks to Tidal) that I’ve really been enjoying.

Most notably;

Boozoo Bajou who I’d never heard of previously. Thanks whoever posted that one. Being a sucker for remixes, I also added that version and love it too (not chillout obvs)

Slowhill - Finndisc. Not my usual taste and took a bit of getting into but really like a few tracks now.

Telepopmusik was a CD I’d loaned out and lost years ago so great for the reminder.

A few others I was familiar with but listened some more and added some new albums - Thieverey Corporation (the best of ‘it takes a thief’ is my fave so far), and Flunk which I also added a great remixed album (Deconstruction Time Again). Some great tracks from that as I type.

This single topic has given the biggest bump to new music recently. Thanks to all contributions. Sublime tracks to tweak the DSP too. :slight_smile:

No sign of the Kruder and Dorfmeister on Tidal UK so might grab a CD since it’s come up a few times.

Maybe I should start a ‘what’s your best remix’ topic!!

There is a new playlist on Tidal Parisian Underground with new parisian DJ cuts.
I think the chill crowd would enjoy
I bought a copy of Kruder #dorfmeister K&D Sessions based on this thread–good investment.


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Just discovered this album from last year.
ACT label in Germany.
A chill jazz dj like set.
On Tidal

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Also Try

Nuspirit Helsinki