Best records for listening session

Could you tell us what is your prefer records for audiophile listening session and test your equipement .

One of my prefer album is
Marc Bodino album your favorite classical pieces for guitar

Great record only in flac 44 khz 16 bit
When you heard it you have some interrogation about marketing Hi résolution even if i prefer 24 bit records


This quote comes in my mind reading this thread :smile:


I have a piece of string…

This one has more suggestions.

And this one for bass

Also checkout this Roon playlist.

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Do you have any idea how I can find the Hifi Joyride play list? If I search Roon I can’t see any trace of it. Thanks

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From the Home Screen scroll down to Playlists by Roon then select more. If you don’t see the hifi joyride playlist select filter in the top right and type in joy.

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Thank you! I didn’t think to simply look in the Playlists section. I’m an idiot. :slightly_smiling_face: