Best wall mounted Roon remote?

I might be missing the point here. Say I wanted guests to play music in a spare room, and wanted to give them a simple wall mounted controller in a multi-room Roon setup… . what remote would you give them?

If cost and size isn’t too much of a consideration, some form of wall-mounted iPad.

An early Air would be perfect, as it wouldn’t have to be doing anything else. There are probably mounts where the iPad is also detachable, which the guests might appreciate.

ipad mini, or even a larger screen iphone like a 6 plus.

I would treat myself to a shiny new iPad and use my old one for the guests in the spare room. My iPad and android phones also have home automation software running on them so they can act as universal remotes wherever I am in the house. I wouldn’t bother with a wall mount as your guest is likely to want to use the iPad for browsing before bed.

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Thanks everyone.

I was tempted to look at the Android tablets but sounds like everyone prefers the iPad experience.

Something like this Vidabox would do if I chose to wall mount it.

wall mount

Another thought was to use a smaller device permanently pointed at this Roon Web Controller.

web controller

The guests need a remote? Sounds like a good excuse to put in an entire Roon Ready home automation system… :wink:

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Haha, yes. Nice to see that folks are working on it. Even Sonos + iPort + Roon could be a nice combo.

iPad + iPort SM with Buttons is the best Roon wall mount thing out there… great experience w/ iPad – from the Mini to 12.9 Pro – plus hard buttons that can drive the Roon transport now, and more things in the future.

I’m outfitting my home with these things… they are spectacular.

Their Luxeport was announced at CEDIA, and is even more flexible.


Nice find!

Wish I had known about this before getting an All in One Touchscreen computer and installing Android-x86 on it…

I’m looking at the iport sm at the moment for a house currently being built, but am I right in thinking I’ll need to get a hub for a control system such as crestron as well to be able to use it? And if I got a hub, how easy is it then to setup?