Bluesound grouping option with RPi?

Just checking that I’m good to be able to group Bluesound Flex speakers with a Raspberry Pi with a DAC? (Roipeee)

What are you trying to group using the Pi? Bluesound devices already are Roon Ready, so not sure where the Pi is needed.

I want to add another endpoint for some self-powered speakers I have.

Sorry, thought the Pi was being connected to the Flex. Yes, as long as the Pi is running a version of software that supports Roon natively with RAAT you will be able to group it with the Flex.

Thanks Robert…do you know if Roipeee supports RAAT on the Pi?

Yes it does. Best to find a Pi 4 for ensuring compatibilty with future updates.

And here’s a link explaining the August 2022 update

Thanks Robert, good to hear. I will be getting a RPi 4.

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