Bluesound / NAD announce Roon Ready support

This seems like big news, I don’t think it’s been posted yet. Looks like I’ll be buying some Bluesound products!


NAD are on the Roon Ready Partners Page … I guess Bluesound are still to be added. @robdarling mentioned them here it’s great to see the official announcement now over at BlueSound - Roon Ready.

Indeed their wireless speakers look the part once they are Roon ready.

Does anyone know if you buy 2 Pulse Flex if they act as a stereo pair? The Bluesound website is a bit short on specifics and heavy on marketing!


I hope it is the BlueSound speakers that will be made Roon Ready because as far as I know there is no Roon Ready speakers in the multi room speakers category (Sonos/BlueSound).